Thursday, March 5, 2020

Equinoxe Tv, a thousand hills television - Ernest Obama

It all begins with an interview with the state media, CRTV, in which Prof Owona Nguini claims that the American NGO Human Rights Watch has removed from its website its report on the Ngarbuh massacre, accusing the defense forces Cameroonian.

This left the senior researcher on Central Africa at Human Rights Watch, and author of the dependent document on the Cameroonian army Ilaria Allegrozzi, speechless, while affirming on her Twitter account that the report is indeed available. online, even indicating the links to access the English and French versions of where the words of political scientist Mathias Owona Nguini will be called "Fake News". 

Furthermore, a fact-checking exercise, which Equinoxe TV carried out live on the 8 p.m. television news on Tuesday March 03, will reveal that the quarreled report, posted online since February 25, 2020, never been deleted, as indicated by the academic. Sufficient then for the web of rush on prof Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, treated of all the names of birds and accused of having lied in mondovision on the massacre of Ngarbuh and Human Rights Watch. 

And as should be expected, the response from the consultant of the program Club d'Elites (Vision 4) will be immediate. “They are manipulators. Both human rights watch and Equinox, because the text on the human rights watch site is not a report because a report does not speak for itself. In this text, there are quotes to quote Dame Allegrozzi, which means that it is not her direct and complete relation of the facts !!! Use your brain, damn it !!! One cannot confuse report and communicate !!! Rude manipulators !!! ”, will try to justify the teacher, under the Facebook publication of journalist Angie Forbin. 

During the program Tour d'Horizon on the same day, Ernest Obama will set himself up as a staunch defender of Owona Nguini, displaying his bitterness towards Equinoxe TV.

For the information dinausore, Equinoxe TV does not even deserve to be called media. "Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini did not lie," he will first clarify, not without praising the intelligence of the man he considers the best in Central Africa. "They want to discredit Prof Owona Nguini just because he is giving them a hard time." 

Regarding Equinox TV itself, Ernest Obama will clearly suggest that it is a chain of "terrorists". The Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper L'Anecdote will also question the silence of the National Communication Council (CNC) in the face of “ethical drifts”, which have become a favorite exercise in the media of Severin Tchounkeu. “Thousand Hills Television (Rwandan media, which played an important role during the genocide of 1994 Editor's note). we caned it now, "Obama will launch. 

Without delay, Vision 4 will come back, dedicating on Equinoxe TV a 4-minute paper broadcast in the 8 pm newspaper. The tone is very violent and the reports of brotherhood visibly very hostile. 

Hence Equinoxe TV is accused of being a media "deemed close to the Ambazonian terrorists and destabilizing". The proof, the last interview granted by this chain to the "terrorist Calibri Calibro" after his interview with President Macron in France.