Sunday, March 1, 2020

'Emmanuel Macron is responsible for all the chaos in Cameroon'

An African priest blamed Emmanuel Macron for "all the chaos in Cameroon" after French President revealed last week that he had orchestrated the release of political opposition leader Maurice Kamto from prison.

Macron told a Cameroonian activist in France that he had pressured Cameroonian President Paul Biya to release Kamto and other opposition opposition leaders from prison, warning that he would not accept a Biya's visit to Lyon until the chef's release. 

"I told Biya that we must not meet in Lyon if Kamto is not released. He was released because we pressed, "Macron told the activist. 

According to the Cameroonian priest, Father Roman Kisi, Macron's counterpart revealed that France still considers a large part of Africa as a French colony and its leaders as mere "accomplices" of the French government. 

"My interpretation of Macron's statement is that he is responsible for all the chaos in Cameroon because if he has ordered the release of Kamto and is now pressuring President Biya to release other political prisoners, that means African leaders like Paul Biya are stooges, "said Father Kisi. said Crux, an online Catholic news agency. 

Macron's words show that we are still "a colonized people," said Kisi, "we in Cameroon and in all French-speaking African countries."

The priest also criticized the fact that France is considered "the largest exporter of tropical timber", despite the fact that it is not in the tropics, which means that France continues to exploit the resources of Africa. 

According to Crux, "France has remained more closely linked to its former African possessions, with a history of regime support for French military power and exercising financial control via the CFA franc, currencies used in 14 countries." 

Father Kisi said that these monetary ties to France have kept African countries in poverty, noting that "among African countries with a high standard of living, there is none who use the [CFA Franc]" . 

"We cannot compete with Nigeria - they have their own currency," said the priest. "We cannot compete with our neighbors in East Africa because they have their cedars, shillings, kwacha, etc. ... so they have a better chance of marketing their money." 

"What is happening in the former French colonial territories? Their continued use of the CFA franc is not in their best economic interests, ”he said.