Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Elimbi Lobe predicts death of Cameroonian opposition

Elimbi Lobe has not yet digested his pants in the last legislative and municipal elections. He was not elected a deputy as he had wished.

After the elections, it's time for crying. Abel Elimbi Lobe does not hold it against Elecam, the body in charge of the material organization of the elections, which he accuses of having violated the electoral law. The candidate of the Movement of Ecologists of Cameroon (MEC) in the double ballot of February 9, 2020 in Wouri-Center, also has a very hard tooth against the opposition, which, according to him, refused to unite to defeat the RDPC, the ruling party . 

"We knew from the start that the proliferation of candidacies against the CPDM will not be favorable to us", had already deplored the former SDF city councilor at the town hall of Douala 5th. 

On ABK radio this morning, the politician did not put on the gloves to pull again on the opposition which continues, according to him, to weaken: "The opposition is weaker and weaker ... The CPDM has won everything. The more opposition political parties there are, the more opposition leaders are born every day, the less the opposition wins, ”regrets the former SDF official.

"The opposition parties do not even know how the seats are distributed during the elections ... The future is bleak. The opposition struggle is being definitively lost, ”he adds. 

Political retirement? 

Elimbi Lobe does not rule out the possibility of putting away his political shoes. He no longer wants to take part in electoral consultations in an environment plagued by fraud: “Keep the image you want! But I can't spend 15 years fighting my own country! I am tired ! Tell me if this country cannot organize a vote! One vote only! We cannot organize Can. Can't we even organize the vote according to the law? If we can't we are told! He had swung.