Monday, March 2, 2020

Douala: the Mboppi market in darkness without electricity for 6 months

Traders are ready to go on strike to express their frustration.

The traders of the Mboppi market, located in the Cameroonian economic capital, are in a black anger. They have been without electricity for exactly 6 months. At least that's what Alice Maguedjio, trader, president of the Union of retail traders in Wouri (Sycodew), says. “… It has been exactly 6 months since we have had any electricity at the Mboppi market… The Government Delegate tells us that he is the one who manages the market. But it does not solve the problem of electricity, "she said this morning on a private radio station broadcasting in Douala. 

Dissatisfaction gains ground 

After more than a month of power cuts, the long-contained dissatisfaction of traders will soon explode. “Our arms are no longer strong enough to contain the traders of the Mboppi market. They are ready to go on strike… ”warns Alice Maguedjio. "They went to meet the Prefect who unfortunately does not wish to speak on this problem of electricity at the Mboppi market". Stresses the shopkeeper.

An ongoing problem 

The problem of load shedding in this market dates back to November 2019. Exactly from the day when a powerful fire that ravaged 24 stores. Since then, “the Mboppi market is in very bad shape for two fundamental reasons. There is a complete absence of market authority. We pay receipts, and since this market was created, it was in 1979, the urban community has not yet invested here. When the last fire started, only one store had caught fire. The lack of exit or access road blocked by the Urban Community of Douala caused the fire to spread quickly. Time to turn around, look for another route, the fire did the rest. 24 shops went up in smoke in a short period of time ”. Stormed Antoine Mahop, head of block 5 of the said market during an interview with Economie du Cameroun.