Sunday, March 29, 2020

Death of Paul Biya: doubt settles

Is Paul Biya dead? This is the question that is on everyone's lips and thoughts in Cameroon. Rumors persist about the death of the longtime president even when the government has made a formal denial.

The Cameroonian Minister of Communication recently made an exit through a statement to denounce a "Fake News" which was reportedly reported by "an individual visibly under the influence of drugs", on the presumed death of the president of the republic Paul Biya . "The Minister of Communication of Cameroon, assures the national and international community, in particular the Internet users, of the excellent form of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, who every day, personally follows government activity, brings it corrective measures as necessary, and, boosted by its Very High posture, the life of the Nation, signs important texts to advance the major projects of the Republic and holds its Very High load, in these times of gravity, facing the coronavirus pandemic, with sublimation, dignity, 

However, despite the minister's departure, the rumor persists and several gray areas have been identified after the declaration. The Minister only made comments without also providing any evidence other than the "Official" label around the declaration. Several doubts arose from the fact that since this exit, the president has made no public appearance or in recent video to reassure the population of the country which really begins to worry about their commander in chief at this time when rages the Coronavirus.

The president, 85 years old, being part of this category of people who, for the most part were killed by the pandemic disease, all fears went in this direction. When will President Paul Biya appear in public to reassure his fellow citizens of his good health and also to reassure them of the measures taken to slow the progression of the Coronavirus?