Thursday, March 5, 2020

Corruption - Voters buying: serious revelations made by Olivier BILE about the elections

The President of the UFP gave a press conference on his participation in the last municipal and legislative elections. For him and his party, these elections demonstrated how the state party system is killing democracy in Cameroon. He makes serious denunciations.

Olivier BILE denounces electoral corruption, the purchase of voters whose political consequences have been harmful for the opposition parties. 

“We, the so-called opposition political parties, have experienced a more violent re-edition of the deeply unbalanced electoral realities, orchestrated since 1992 by the party-state. Electoral corruption and the purchase of the voter were systematically implemented as a conquest strategy. This resulted in the recovery of the main opposition strongholds in Douala and in the NOSO. In the localities already almost promised to the opposition and in many others, columns of civil servants, regional governors, ministers, former ministers and PCA entered the scene, briefcases of money in hand to carry out massive night operations purchase and corruption of entire families. In localities where people do not promote political culture or awareness, this technique worked like music paper. Where we were promoting the project and political marketing according to democratic standards, those opposite mobilized banknotes. This is the sole and essential reason for the debacle of the opposition. "

The President of the UFP goes further. He advocates the dismantling of the state party system which corporates and paralyzes the dream of democracy of Cameroonians. "So, as things have worked for at least 30 years, unreasonably exorbitant advantages always accrue to the party in power during all elections. All of this leads to unparalleled injustice, inequality and imbalance in the political game. All these things which, combined with the fragmentation of our political universe, become a guarantee of perpetual reign of the Party-State Rdpc whoever the leader. Every citizen must be able to realize that after 60 years of unrequited reign of the UNC-CPDM state-system, he only has about forty years left to take advantage of a century of political domination over our country. A domination whose sole basis is this inequitable device of the party-state, which the latter apparently seems determined to perpetuate. Is this acceptable? Is this productive and positive for our country? "