Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corruption: Maurice Kamto and the 14 billion scandal

They say that this gentleman embezzled 14 billion when he was minister but do not arrest those who have embezzled that millions have been in prison for 10 years.

They say that this gentleman announced the results of the presidential election, stating that he won well before the final proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council and that this act is unconstitutional but do not stop him, because he has proved that it can be do according to the same constitution. 

They say that this gentleman is at the origin of the breakage of the embassies but do not stop him. 

They say that this gentleman is a pedophile and that they have evidence on video which shows that Mr. Kamto abuses a young boy but does not stop him since pedophilia is proscribed and punished by Cameroonian law. ..Curious anyway! 

They say that this gentleman would have made a presidential campaign funded by the Embassy of the United States in Yaoundé and that he would also be a pawn for international organizations to take the country hostage and deliver it to western predators but do not stop him always despite the panoply of evidence in their possession ... It's terrible! 

They say that this gentleman would be funded by former regime pundits currently detained so that he takes power and can release them but do not arrest him since they still have the evidence. 

They say that this gentleman is received all the time by the president of the republic and by the high officials of the state and that he would have received money to boycott the double ballot which was held there is a few weeks ... But what wins me here is the fact that they know very well that this regime is dangerous, corrupt, capable of such degrading transactions against the nation, predator and ill-watchful enough to fabricate the rapprochement between Mr Kamto and this regime which they claim to defend with the aim of making it dirty. Only one question: So this diet is dirty according to them?

They say that this gentleman supports the Ambazonians for having had an audience with the president of the virtual state of Ambazonia when he was in prison but does not stop him ... But the paradox is that when he refuses to receive these same Amazonians, its same detractors cry scandal. 

They say that Kamto is a terrorist and that he would be even the greatest danger for the nation but still do not stop him. 

They accuse this gentleman of everything and arrest him then throw him in prison without warrant and without just reason to isolate him in order to bring down his flames in order to dissolve his powers as they did with Ayuck Tabe unfortunately this Monsieur came out of the country of if I knew even more flamboyant, more impactful and more popular. 

By always looking for lice on the bald head, check if these lice have not found refuge on your own head .... This gentleman is always accused of everything but is never guilty. 

Even if you didn't want to, all of this makes you want to support him even for nothing because his aura is immaculate ... he doesn't have the flame above his head but rather lightning. 

Courage Professor

Journalist: Hillary Kadidja