Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus: Paul Biya missing! BORIS BERTOLT

Notice something. Since the start of the Coronavirus, we have the impression that there are only two people in this government: the Prime Minister, Dion Ngute and the Minister of Health Manaouda Malachie. We hardly hear anyone. Starting with the chef. Look:

PAUL BIYA: the legal President does not exist. No address to the Nation. No sign of life. In all the other countries it is the heads of state themselves who are leading the fight against the epidemic of the Coronavirus. In Gabon, Ali Bongo, despite his multiple strokes, spoke personally to his compatriots to take stock of the situation and fix the line he imposed on his government. In Cameroon, in such a serious crisis, Paul Biya is nonexistent. 

FERDINAND NGOH NGOH: The Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic the most void in the history of Cameroon. Very vocal when it is necessary to give instructions to arrest opponents, torture them, threaten journalists and NGOs. But by chance it is as if he has no more ink on his pen. What should I expect from an incompetent. 

PAUL ATANGA NJI: Elsewhere, it's the Minister of the Interior. In other words, the equivalent of the Minister of Territorial Administration, who ensures with the mobilization of the police and security forces that the government's directives are respected. Atanga Nji has disappeared.  

We only saw him in the English-speaking area to vote when they were the ones who prohibited the rallies. The police and gendarmes either do nothing or scam. All this does not concern Atanga until Maurice Kamto and the MRC are close by.

RENE EMMANUEL SADI: The Minister of Communication is a ghost. However in times of crisis, communication is a strategic element that helps to inform and reassure. Elsewhere there are anti Corona virus spots on television. The media are systematically fed with developments to do their job better. The Minister of Communication goes down to the field to explain the issues. Sadi hides like a rat. You will see him come out with people behind him with medalists everywhere and hats to intimidate us. 

I stop here. We cannot continue to be governed by so many irresponsible heads of our institutions. Our laxity will cost us dearly this time. 

Hope the sky will be with us.