Saturday, March 28, 2020

Coronavirus: Maurice Kamto gives Paul Biya 7 days to speak to Cameroonians

In an important statement published on March 27, 2020, the national president of the MRC denounces the silence of Paul Biya about the pandemic which is gaining more and more ground in Cameroon.

The President of the Republic must break the omerta around the evolution of the Covid-19 on the national territory. This is the backdrop for Maurice Kamtoce's epistolary outing on Friday March 27, 2020. 

The candidate who came second in the last presidential election ensures that he himself must take more responsibility if the Head of State whom he describes as illegitimacy does not leave its reserve after seven days. 

An outing, the object of a contrasting perception 

If the fanatics of the Movement for my renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) welcomed this announcement with the greatest glee, some informed observers perceive it as a political recovery from a health crisis that challenges all Cameroonians, regardless of their ideological affiliation. Here is the full statement. 

Mr. Paul BIYA must assume fully and by himself the presidential function which he usurps since the electoral hold-up of October 2018, failing which the Cameroonian people will have to acknowledge its failure and draw all the consequences politicians. 

My dear compatriots,

The world is at war against COVID 19, as much to say against death! 

There can be no political recovery from a national drama. There is a duty of responsibility. And as compared to the disastrous situation which still prevails in the North-West and South-West regions, we intend to fully assume ours. 

While in all countries around the world the highest level leaders are themselves leading this war in which even the greatest powers on the planet seem literally overwhelmed in light of the provisional toll of the infected or deceased victims, the Cameroonians are abandoned to their sad fate by one who claims to assume the function of Head of State. 

I note that since the forfeiture following the presidential election of October 7, 2018, Mr. Paul BIYA is the de facto president of Cameroon. This statute, although particular, imposes obligations on him towards the Cameroonian people, especially in this context of serious threat of a terrible pandemic which requires his active presence to galvanize and mobilize his compatriots. 

The questions that Cameroonians of all stripes have been asking for at least two weeks are the following: Where has Mister Paul BIYA gone? Is the country governed? If yes, by whom? Is he simply aware of his responsibility as President of the Republic, even illegal and illegitimate, in preserving the lives of Cameroonians? 

My dear compatriots,

I would not like to dwell here on the personal and continuous involvement and investment of the greatest leaders in the world in this war in order to preserve their populations, as you are witness to it. However, how can we not evoke the high sense of responsibility of certain leaders of African countries, such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon and South Africa who took personal control of the situation and announced substantial financial measures to deal with the health crisis while supporting economic actors! 

Everyone can see, without any spirit of controversy, that while these African leaders have already taken the measure of the gravity of the health and security situation which prevails in their respective countries because of the coronavirus, in Cameroon, Mr. Paul BIYA displays a disconcerting indifference, in any case irresponsible. In addition to the measures taken, actions taken and funds released, each of the aforementioned heads of state is personally, even emotionally, involved in both prevention and risk management. 

Mr. BIYA who, during the whole presidential campaign of 2018 had spoken on September 30, 2018 in Maroua for less than 15 minutes and whom we saw supported at arm's length during his reception at the Elysée Palace in France , October 10, 2019, demonstrates to the Cameroonian people and to the world that they can no longer assume with dignity the responsibilities of President of the Republic of Cameroon, Head of State and Chief of the Armies of our country. The few people who manage the country as part of an over-the-counter succession must realize that the Cameroonian people no longer intend to deal with the hoax. 

The tweets of Mr. BIYA, generally out of phase with the expectations of his fellow citizens, are no illusion. In the war against the Boko Haram sect which has plunged the populations of the Far North into misfortune since May 2014, he has never shown that he was in the least affected by the sufferings of his compatriots in this Region . After the train accident at Eséka, he showed no empathy for the people in distress. While the civil war has raged in the English-speaking regions since November 2016, he has never sent the populations or the soldiers who are engaged in this useless war the slightest message of affection and comfort. His courtiers tried to justify his contemptuous distances, incompatible with the presidential office, by speculating with vacuity on what they call "presidential silences". In the current context of a serious danger for the Nation, his silence is not only irresponsible, it becomes criminal. 

Also, taking as witness the people and the international community on this unacceptable situation, I urge it under seven (07) days, as from the publication of this communication, to address Cameroonians, themselves, for their say what is its response against COVID-19 and above all, to announce the necessary means of financing, both to households and businesses, to ensure the effectiveness of containment. In the absence of such accompanying measures, the directives of his government will remain sterile with regard to the decrepitude of the social fabric, poverty and the precariousness of the populations engendered by his regime for 40 years. 

Failing for him to assume the presidential functions which he has assumed for himself since the half presidential election, I reserve the right to call on the Cameroonian people to draw all the consequences from their serious failure, which could then lead to the observation of his inability to govern.

If such a situation were to arise, I would warn those who shamefully profit from this situation of proxy management in the country, to undertake anything that could be interpreted by the abandoned people as a provocation. 

Our people are in danger of death. He has the right to defend himself, especially in case of failure of the one who assumes the highest function within the State, and if the republican institutions competent to make the report and draw all the consequences are themselves failing. 

My dear compatriots, 

I have launched an awareness and prevention campaign in our country which is underway. Strictly observe all the measures prescribed to preserve your life, that of your loved ones and others. We must remain standing despite the extraordinary challenge before us. Let's be disciplined. Let us remain mobilized. 

In the same spirit, I appeal to the Government, in particular to the Minister of Health, to engage with us in a vast fundraising campaign at the national level and in the diaspora, with a view to enabling the country to give an appropriate response to the grave danger to which it is exposed. In order to guarantee efficiency and transparency in the management of the funds collected, these must be managed by a committee composed, in particular of representatives of the Ministry of Health and other government structures, the Order of Doctors, Nurses and Hospital staff, Biomedical Laboratories, the Order of Pharmacists, GICAM, the pharmaceutical industries, the Transporters' Union, Management bodies for open markets and any other sector of activity deemed relevant. 

If within seven days, Mr. Paul BIYA does not assume the presidential function that he has granted himself by electoral fraud, then I will give you, through various channels, the conduct to take so that we take charge ourselves .

Done in Yaoundé on 03/27/2020 

Maurice Kamto