Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: Kondengui in total panic

Arrangements were made upon entering the prison to avoid infection.

2:15 p.m. on March 17 at Kondengui central prison in Yaoundé. On this day of visit, the entrance to the penitentiary, as is often the case these days, is crowded. Guardians and visitors mingle. The same goes for sellers of notebooks and others who still hang out nearby. 

The method used is the same as always: you present yourself and be identified upon entry by presenting your national identity card (C NI), your "notebook" lets you know who you are going to see, but there are now a little more: entry badges. These are given to each of the clearly identified visitors and "subscribers". When they leave, they must turn them against their CNI before reaching the door. 

Yet another unusual detail also draws attention to this famous entrance. A guard standing at the entrance shouts loudly, "Wash your hands!"  hands! hands! it's important for all of us. ” To those who pretend not to understand it and try to force the passage with their "dirty" hands, she shouts again, looking them straight in the eyes "are you going to wash your hands!" One after the other, the visitors who run can finally gain access to the prison.

In this regard, a special device has been put in place to facilitate the maneuver: a 40-liter bucket, full of water, has been placed at the entrance, on the left side just down the stairs. On the lid, a piece of medium soap and a goblet are enthroned. However, upon observation, only visitors are affected by this new health measure. Inmates returning from the courthouse, for example, simply pass through the entrance with their companions. 

The same is true inside the prison. “There are no special measures in our neighborhoods, everything is going as usual. We don't even talk about it too much, we have the impression that it is still very far from us, ”whispers an inmate. However measures should be taken both inside and outside, taking into account that, the slightest contagion within this prison establishment would lead to a real pandemic with thousands of deaths.