Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus: Jean de Dieu Momo dismantles the maneuvers of Maurice Kamto

Minister Jean De Dieu Momo accuses the president of Mr Maurice Maurice Kamto of having simulated the water cut during the filming of an awareness campaign against the Coronavirus pandemic.

To play this ubiquitous and petty film, it is enough to gradually stop the dispensing tap at the bottom of the lever. An actor hidden from the camera operates in this way because you have to be naive to believe and make believe that the water cut fell as if by a miracle during the shooting of his film. The specialist in the manipulation of the people has once again shown his talent as an actor in the matter. 

The message is not to fight against the Coronavirus but to seize the political political opportunity to denounce the water cuts, which they are sometimes even caused by malicious or partisan people at the heart of the administration and whose specialty is to denigrate the system of their country for the benefit of predators. Well, I had promised myself to let the comic actor die alone in his own film but how not to try once again to lift the veil with which he covers the eyes of this part of the population ready to swallow all the lies provided let them disparage the regime they abhor! But you have to be in epileptic bad faith not to recognize the government's efforts to give water and electricity to all Cameroonians. Before you press the switch or turn on the tap, you have to remember that you had to make hydroelectric dams to generate electricity and transport it from very far to the bottom of the bush to bring it back to your home. and that it was necessary to collect water and treat it so that it is served to you at home. Everyone, except the democracy sufferers, is witnessing the water treatment efforts both in Douala and in Yaoundé.

The water pipeline on the Wouri Bridge is proof enough. We must remind them that Cameroon is not limited to large cities. Also think of the people who live in rural areas and who do not cry like those whose center of interest is in their stomach! Cameroon is gradually being built, as you do with your homes or your cultural centers that you build for years! # Fo'o Dzakeutonpoug.