Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: is Cameroon cursed or sick of its leaders?

Imagine, the whole planet earth is under extreme threat because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The French president in a speech of less than ten minutes yesterday hammered six times: "IT IS VERY VERY SERIOUS WHAT HAPPENS, WE ARE AT WAR".

Indeed, we are experiencing the third world war which instead of having arrived by conventional weapons that we know or at least the nuclear weapon surprises us by being with a biological weapon. 

If at its beginning in China, the world seemed not to take the magnitude of the measure of what was happening, today there is general panic. IN ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, CITIZENS ARE PRISONERS IN THEIR HOMES. In France for this purpose, it is the army that has been deployed in the streets to force people to confine themselves to their homes. PARIS AT THIS MOMENT IS A GHOST TOWN. Not a single European or American country which has not closed its borders and taken drastic measures to try to contain the virus which is raging. If certain countries in Africa in particular the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Rwanda etc have already followed suit by closing their borders between other preventive measures, 

WITH US IN CAMEROON, we are dragging our feet, no action is really taken. The Minister of Health invites the passengers of two flights voluntarily to quarantine knowing that half will not even receive his press release and the other will simply have nothing to do with this press release ... THE EXAMPLE COMES FROM ABOVE, EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY WHICH COMES FROM A FLIGHT WHERE CERTAIN PASSENGERS WERE TESTED POSITIVE, WELL IGNORED THE PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTER OF HEALTH BY REFUSING TO GO QUARANTINE ... !!! 

THIS IS THE CAMEROUNAIS, WE'RE BAD, THOMAS, SABITOUS ... Besides, while the French army is hunting humans in the streets of Paris to reassure themselves that no French meets the other to reduce the risk of contagion, you have tens of thousands of Cameroonians who have piled up at the airport in the direction of Cameroon. In other words, people leave a country where there is infrastructure to at least contain the sick to go to a country or in normal times, there is not even a bed for mothers and babies in maternity. In addition and as we have already announced, in view of the confinement space of these Cameroonians who was at the airport for days in this promiscuity and knowing how the virus is transmitted at high speed,

We expected an announcement from the President of the Republic PAUL Biya as do all the other heads of state in the world to take the necessary measures, it was in a press release like his Minister of Health that he gratified us by asking the people to follow the recommendations of the WHO ... WHO ARE THOSE ???? NO ONE EVEN PAUL BIYA COULD KNOW YOU. No announcements of airport or school closings, no prevention, nothing, but absolutely nothing. Moreover, the Minister of Sport even had the courage to announce in a press release today that the CHAN will be maintained, insinuating that we have the capacity to contain the virus and protect the crowds before retracting in the face of the announcement of the president of CAF who purely and simply canceled it. 

You see, I am in pain and I am ashamed for my country ... A PEOPLE OF UNCONSCIOUS GOVERNED BY MEN WITHOUT FAITH OR LAW ... 


Vincent: “One day, I realized that time was passing. It had come insidiously, an idiotic thing, which one should not think about, and which was nevertheless the logical continuation of the beginning, since it was the beginning of the end. ”

Journalist: Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou