Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus in Cameroon: violent message sent to Paul Biya

Célestin Djamen made an exit on the pandemic of Coronavirus which brings European countries to close their borders and to declare the state of war in France.

In view of all these measures taken elsewhere, the political analyst calls on the Cameroonian government to do the same. He calls on the Biya regime to close maritime, land and air borders for a period of time to avoid and stop the spread of the virus. 

It should be remembered that 10 cases have already been recorded in Cameroon. 

The entire correspondence of Célestin Djamen 

"This is why I spoke of the" tamed Negro ". It is the attitude of the African who is convinced that his real place is behind, behind the white man in particular. 

He thinks that he is irreparably LOWER, he thinks that he must not take any measure which shocks his white masters, he thinks that his happiness, his liberation, his illumination even his emergence can only emanate from the white world.

Look my dear brothers and sisters, the whole planet is facing a pandemic called coronaVirus and while the "biggest" countries have closed their land, port and airport borders, Cameroon continues to open its legs to European countries where the pandemic wreaks havoc. 

would Africa be the trash can of the world that takes responsibility? 

What offense have we inflicted on God to deserve this heresy, this lamentable irresponsibility? 

Mister BIYA I urge you to close our borders even if our lives do not concern you. 

The voice of the True People. "

Source: camerounweb.com