Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coronavirus: Cameroon already owes 630 million debt to be paid by the government

The State will have to go to the cashier to settle the bill for the Covid-19 patients taken care of in recent days in Cameroon. It was revealed by the Minister of Public Health. He was speaking this Monday on the Crtv plateau.

And after only a few weeks, the State will have to mop up a slate of a few hundred million FCFA. In total, the State will have to pay 630 million FCFA. The State covered all the expenses from which the patients benefited. This is the care given to infected people and under treatment in skilled hospitals. There are also people from abroad who have been placed in quarantine. They are in hotels in Yaoundé and Douala. 

“It is the state that takes care of everything. Whether it is the tests, whether it is the care, which costs us enormously. There is the case which died at the Central Hospital of Yaoundé, which took us two to three oxygen cylinders per day... For quarantines, since their arrival, the State has paid for hotel rooms, breakfast, lunch and dinner. So they are globally supported. Moreover, we have an invoice of 630 million FCFA, whether in Douala or in Yaoundé, that the State will settle in any way. On this point, it cannot be said that they are abandoned, ”revealed Manaouda Malachi.

The Minister also explains that a device is in place in hotels for monitoring people who are in quarantine. "On the medical side, we have installed in the halls of the hotels doctors who monitor the temperature, monitor the situation, and who try to give them all the medical assistance they want," he said. 

To date, Cameroon has 142 cases of Covid-19 contamination. The country also recorded 6 cases of death.