Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Confidential: Yéguié cavity turned back from the VIP pavilion of the Central Hospital

In a voicemail abundantly relayed in the private forums of cameramen of cameroon that cameroun24 was able to listen to, we learn that the very honorable under pressure finally went to the Hospital to be tested and 72 hours later the result was known.

The doctor who speaks in this voice in private conversation with one of his colleagues reveals the result of the test which it is not for us to publish here. But who since yesterday is known to all doctors. 

According to the same source who is very close to the device put in place for the fight against COVID-19, the Right Honorable went to the VIP pavilion of the Hospital for his confinement because anyway he was in a flight where 16 people tested positive for COVID-19; The hospital administration will refuse to admit it to avoid exposing other VIP patients to the pavilion. 

He will be suggested the isolation room fitted out for this purpose. Where is the PAN at the moment? Shouldn't his cabinet take the lead as others do elsewhere to communicate about his situation before variably interpreted revelations come out?

While investigative journalists like Fanny PIGEAUD of Mediapart already sententiously assert that the NAP is tested positive, it is more than urgent that the situation of this public authority be publicly clarified by the competent authorities to fix opinion. 

No, Minister of Health, this is not a "pointless controversy". It is about the life of the nation. The truth is already known by doctors. Leaving the order of doctors is no accident. The medical profession which is on the front line in this WAR against COVID-19 must be protected.