Monday, March 2, 2020

Confidential Note: Emmanuel Macron asks Paul Biya to resign

The government of Beti Ewondo, dominated by the French speakers of President Biya, was shaken by the Ngarbuh massacre and by the recognition by French President Macron that violations of intolerable rights were taking place in Cameroon. The Cameroonian intelligence report showed that the numerous waves of bad decisions and crimes committed by soldiers of the army of the Cameroonian government in the south of Cameroon prompted the Elysee Palace to demand a regime change in Yaoundé while President Biya, 87, struggles to repair his image, tainted by a chain of economic and political missteps.

A series of high-profile arrests, including the current Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo, is expected at the earliest, while Biya's tenure is now undermined by claims by the international community that his style of leadership is distant and autocratic. 

A number of ministers have been prevented from traveling outside the country, and those from the Far North region plan to leave Biya's cabinet in all directions. A well-placed source in Etoudi, who spoke to our reporter from the city of Yaoundé, made fun of the situation by observing that "each cabinet minister is now a government spokesperson". 

Yaoundé confirmed that Biya had recently ordered an investigation into the murders of Ngarbuh. However, the Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that President Macron's office sent an email declaration asking the dictator to resign without naming Biya's potential successor.

Millions of Cameroonians are unemployed and many large companies are not doing very well. The country faces many crises and the impact of these crises hits the population like a ton of bricks. The French can no longer continue to play the spectator of an insidious genocide which takes place in the south of Cameroon. 

Unemployment, crime, dishonesty, corruption and mismanagement seem to have taken up residence in Cameroon because of a regime which has exceeded its reception. President Macron has turned a new page after his conversation with the Cameroonian activist in France. Another will be written very soon.