Wednesday, March 11, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: Northern elites reject Assembly presidency

This is what emerges from a number of discussions relayed by the newspaper L'Œil Du Sahel. The political elite of the Cameroonian north no longer wants the head of the National Assembly.

As in all self-respecting democracies, after a legislative election, a Republic gives a place to the parliamentary system should reorganize its government. The objective, to redistribute the cards taking into account the new political configuration of the Nation. It is in this sense that the elites of the north have chosen this moment after election to raise their grievances against the Head of State. The politicians of the Great North Cameroon believe that they are excluded from the political game. And do not find themselves sufficiently represented by the office of President of the National Assembly. They now want the Prime Minister's Office. 

A request that will find it difficult to thrive in the current socio-political context. First, because Paul BIYA is not one to listen to the voices of his compatriots, unless his interests are clearly in danger. Paul BIYA is not in the habit of changing his government following an electoral result. Even more so when it comes to the results of local elections. 

In addition, the evolution of the conflict in the North-West and South-West regions, with an exceptional implication of Prime Minister in the peace process, it is difficult to believe that Paul BIYA will sacrifice Joseph Dion Nguté. Dismissing Dion Ngute would mean starting from scratch the negotiations and the gains made so far.

“English speakers have set the bar very high. You only have to follow the appointments on a daily basis to realize the turn taken by the State. Meanwhile, where are the supporters of the head of state? What do they become? They are at the side of the road. This cannot continue. We have given a lot, we expect to receive in return. The Prime Minister would not be too much in demand for the political support that we bring to the Head of State ”seems to recognize an elected official from the region of North Cameroon. 

The elites of the Far North believe that it is nationals of regions in crisis that are most pampered by the government. However, from a position of Prime Minister they think they can more quickly influence the decisions to integrate new agents from the village. An essentially nutritional request.