Wednesday, March 11, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: the March 08 attack on Bamenda was known to Etoudi.. Michel Biem

During a program broadcast this Monday, March 9, 2020 on ABC Amba TV, the television channel close to the English-speaking separatists, a guest of Chris Anu, presented as the head of the National Security Council of the county (department) of Ngoketunja, in the English-speaking north-west of Cameroon (or north of the Southern Cameroons), claimed the bombing that occurred on March 8 at the Bamenda holiday celebrations, during the celebration of International Women's Day. The attack killed 1 soldier and injured 4 others, 2 police officers and a civilian.

We would have stopped at this level if (1) the position of the English-speaking separatist government did not present some curiosities (2) if we had not received information classified as ultra-confidential from sources close to the Presidency of the Republic in Yaoundé in subject of this incident. Indeed, it is curious that it is the head of security of the Ngoketunja who claims an attack occurred in Bamenda which is located rather in the Mezam. 

Furthermore, the explosive device used, from safe sources, was not homemade but electronic with a stopwatch with which it is possible to program the time of the explosion. A technology which the English-speaking independence forces do not have, which in Lebialem (English-speaking south-west) for example, use "Lefangse", homemade explosives. 

According to our sources close to the Presidency, planting two explosives at the site of the celebration of International Women's Day in Bamenda was an idea of ​​the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, who made this suggestion to the Presidency of the Republic. The implementation of this plan was to be supervised on the spot by the governor of the North-West, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the commander of the joint military region N ° 5, General Nka Valère. 

It comes back to us from these well-introduced sources that the objective of this Machiavellian plan was for the device to explode in an environment full of women and for the international community to be moved by the carnage orchestrated by the English-speaking separatists who have a few days earlier called for a boycott of the March 8 celebration.

But the plan will fail because not only will the women not be numerous at the ceremony and those who were present in very small numbers were not where the explosive devices were planted. As a result, it is men in uniform (including the military and the police) and a civilian who will pay the price. 

While information circulated on social networks, certain agents of the government of Yaoundé announced the arrest of 3 presumed responsible for this attack to muddy the waters. Which, according to our sources, is archival. It is a Nigerian trader who came to extinguish the flames that licked his shop at a place called Commercial Avenue. Accompanied by his two children, he will be arrested by the police for identification, before being released after paying a large sum of money. 

Yaoundé was therefore fully aware of this timed grenade explosion. This is why at the time of the explosion, the governor of the North-West, Lele Lafrique continued imperturbably his speech of circumstance during the ceremony in place of the Bamenda celebrations. So the plan simply failed. Fortunately for these ladies who have chosen to stay at home or be far from the place where these pomegranates on the clock were planted.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong