Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: Etoudi prepares opinion to accept the choice of Franck Biya

The post attributed to Franck Biya, in which he says that he will not do like his father by announcing a package of social measures, is not trivial.

It is a technique in political science to not only put the subject in debate, gauge the opinion and see the reactions, in order to adjust or not the approach and take action. Opinion is polled by sending such information. 

As proof, that this is not a fake, we present Franck Biya as one who will not do like his father and who will take care of the social of Cameroonians because we know that Cameroonians want a change. And there we aim at the lower classes and soften them to avoid street demonstrations. Yet Cameroonians know that this boy has been plundering wood with impunity in the South, East and Yabassi for almost 30 years and also that he is of dubious morality and that he is abusing his powers, after having been divorced and married in second marriage, the wife of his direct cousin the deputy Bonivan Mvondo Assam, the named Virginie Barou whom he married in Seychelles on November 27, 2009.

If it was a fake of the opponents, they would not have presented Franck Biya as the one who is going to effect changes of social significance, but rather as a daddy's son who wants to create a dynasty and also as one Cameroonians most cited in the shadows of corruption: public procurement networks, nominees and all the ministers know this and complain about it. The Italians at Piccini and the Canadians at the Olembe stadium know some things in terms of paying commissions and paying excess overcharges. But what these authors of the manipulation of opinion do not know, compromising and abominable videos of sons with abominable manners are held by his political opponents of the Rdpc who will not fail to throw them down when the time comes.

Source: The TGV of info