Sunday, March 8, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: Cameroon's Army releases official report On Galim' attack

Attackers took AK 47s, FALs, and magazines in attack.....

                             File photo

After the attack on the gendarmerie and the Galim police station in the Western region of Cameroon which left several people dead on Saturday night, the army has just made a press statement on the barbaric situation.

According to the Army's statement, of which the editors received a copy, the "well armed attackers were 20 in numbers, came aboard 10 motorbikes at the dark and attack". 

Read the full report Below 

Hvrc # Simultaneous attack on this Saturday 07/03/20 around 19 HOURS 30mn: brigade and police station of GALIM #assailers (around 20) heavily armed on motorbikes (10) # city in the dark during the attack # Provisional assessment: -02 Gendarmettes deceased succumbing to serious injuries #Gendarme; Nougue Maeva and Gendarme Boumla Emelda # 02 lightly injured #Cb ACM Tarkoua Thomas and Gendarme Tchio left with the organic vehicle say they are trapped in a bush behind the brigade # position unknown for MDLC: Etoundi and Tanyi Atem # 02 police officers deceased: IPP Nsangou and GPP Djeugap # 01 deceased police guard: Supuyo Salifou # 

MATERIALS CARRIED: brigade: 03 Ak 47 weapons and 06 loaded magazine boxes. Police station: 02 weapons 01 FAL and 01PM and ammunition # 02 corps of gendarmes transported and kept at the morgue of the district hospital of Mbouda. ## cocom Mbouda reinforcements and remains personal in combat post at the brigade before the raking operation to be done in the morning #attackers after attack took the direction of Bafandji in the North-West where they came from to join their bases either at BAMBALANG or NDOP ”.