Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cavay and the Coronavirus: an Ivorian mocks Malachi and Cameroonians

The former of the weekly Jeune Afrique calls idiocy the initiative of certain parliamentarians and those close to the President of the National Assembly.

The image of Cavaye Yeguié Djibril receiving the visit of deputies and relatives a few days ago, at his residence, has not finished reacting. This time, it was the Ivorian journalist André Silver Konan who decided to comment on it. The former of Jeune Afrique is particularly hard on the President of the National Assembly and his guests. 

In a text published on his Facebook page, André Silver Konan caricatures those he sees and their country. "Here is the symbolic image of the most perfect idiocy. In Cameroon, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, 80, president of the National Assembly for three decades, tested positive for coronavirus according to rumors and who receives the visit of his relatives, to tell him yako, in his alleged quarantine, at home . Other rumors supported by an official version declaring that it is rather negative. In both cases, it is no longer even unconsciousness, nor irresponsibility, it is idiocy. I repeat: this is the image of idiocy in Cameroon. # CoronaImbecility, ”he writes, sententious.

While those like him judged that the visitors of Cavaye Yeguié had not been well inspired and attacked the new deputy Nourane Moluh Hassana, she defended herself. She claimed on social networks that she was not in the stigmatized delegation. Here is what the elected member of the PCRN wrote on Facebook on March 23, 2020: “Fourth day of confinement at my residence in Douala. While waiting for the decree on the State of Sanitary Emergency as well as the announcement by the government of the accompanying measures, allow me to wish you a pleasant week under the protection of the very high. A rumor circulating on certain pages roughly indicates my presence in the PAN Cabinet today accompanied by my Party comrades. Oh lala one more #FAKE_NEWS. This image dates from March 17 during the session of right. Connect on my page to not miss #REAL_NEWS. I love you. May God protect us". 

Cabral Libii, the president of Nourane's party, also a member of parliament, assumes, however, his presence at the meeting with the President of the National Assembly. This morning on Facebook he taunts his detractors. “Manu Dibango did not kiss Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on the mouth in Paris. Rest in peace. Wash your hands! Respect the distance rules! Wear your mask! May everyone watch over himself and his entourage! This is a serious question! There is a time for everything ! Everyone is in danger! Let go! ”Writes the founder of the Eleven Million Citizens movement.