Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Cameroonian journalists demand the attention of Emmanuel Macron

The Syndicate of Journalists and Auxiliaries of Cameroon (SYJAC) requests the urgent intervention of French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the harassment against the Cameroonian journalist Nestor Nga Etoga, prosecuted for acts he did not commit and whose multiplicity of procedures brought against his person tends to conclude that in collusion with certain officials of the Cameroonian justice, his executioners use illegal means to arm him at any cost.

French citizen and Managing Director of the logging company FIPCAM based in Mfou in the department of Mefou-et-Afamba; Center region". 

The Syndicate of Journalists and Auxiliaries of Cameroon specifies for information and clarification that: "on this case concerning Comrade NGA ETOGA Nestor, professional journalist, SYJAC draws your attention to the fact that having wanted to shed light on a camouflaged murder and cases of abuse and unacceptable spoliation of the Cameroonian forest heritage as well as of the population, he found himself sued by the logging company FIPCAM and its Director General MULLER Stéphane, of French nationality. FIPCAM company and its Director General MULLER Stéphane, in 02 legal proceedings brought at the Court of First Instance of Ndokoti for defamation facts was rejected in one of the proceedings. 

Despite documentation provided to the Court of at least 500 pages and 200 pages of evidence that guided the processing of information for the dissemination of the journalistic investigation disputed so far, one of the judges of this court found it better to flout the law by pronouncing an unfair conviction. The said conviction, which was the subject of an Appeal, is still pending at the Littoral Court of Appeal and the 14th hearing is scheduled for April 07, 2020. And in the same vein, another legal proceeding has been opened against our comrade for similar facts at the Court of First Instance of Mfou, where the journalist Nga Etoga Nestor is also expected this March 11, 2020".

President Patrick Tchouwa recalls: "Syjac will continue to work in defense of the rights and interests of workers in the press sector in Cameroon, already claims significant support from press professionals in Cameroon when he is very young". 

With nearly half a thousand members, the Syndicate of Journalists and Auxiliaries of Cameroon (SYJAC) hopes: "an urgent and salutary intervention by the President of the French Republic Emmanuelle Macron to remind the boss of the forestry company Fipcam, Mr. Muller Stéphane, France's commitments in terms of respect for human rights, freedom of the press, respect for international conventions and the bilateral and historical relations that France and Cameroon maintain, in order to stop the steamroller set in motion to crush the freedom of the press and that of the journalist NGA ETOGA Nestor".

Journalist: Steve seke