Friday, March 27, 2020

Cameroon: Paul Biya has been 'killed' 3 times in sixteen years

On March 25, 2020, a rumor of too many circulated on social networks, announcing "? Died?", The President of the Republic of Cameroon. Skilfully orchestrated by an anti-regime militia in Yaoundé, public opinion which visibly swallowed this information as soon as it was published, questions the real motivations of this rumor at a time when the whole world is going through an unprecedented health crisis.

The little investigation carried out by the editorial staff of your newspaper,, clearly reveals that such information about the place of Paul Biya, in power for 38 years, is current. From 2004 to the present day, he was "killed" more than once by rumor. 

In June 2004 

At the beginning of June 2004, Paul Biya, on a private trip to Europe, was announced on the Internet. For at least 48 hours, it was "? Fear in the city?". Information circulates and is consumed without any official denial. After investigation, Ndzana Seme, a Cameroonian opponent in exile will be identified as the author of the controversy, as indicated by the then Minister of Communication, Jacques Fame Ndongo: "? The original media source of the rumor broadcast was clearly identified in the person of a Cameroonian communications adventurer, ex-bank employee surreptitiously converted to journalism, then voluntarily emigrated to the United States of America at the end of 1990. The person concerned, well known to Cameroonian media circles, has constantly illustrated himself with notorious anti-professional behavior, 

Denial of the President of the Republic 

A few days after the rumor even spread to certain international media, the Presidency of the Republic will deny this, by press release condemning "? The malicious and fanciful rumors about the death of Paul Biya in brief private in Europe? ”. In the process, the institution will announce "? His return in the coming days in Cameroon?". 

The hangover from Paul Biya

Upon arriving at Nsimalen International Airport, Paul Biya, confident, will meet his "? Critics?" in about twenty years. "? People are interested in my funeral. Will I meet them in twenty years? ”Said the boss of the CPDM. Media will headline "the ghost is back?". 

In February 2018 

On the eve of the presidential election in October 2018, notably in February of that year, the Collective of democratic and patriotic organizations of Cameroonians in the diaspora (CODE) will spread another rumor about the disappearance of the Cameroonian head of state. The group, which claimed to hold its information from reliable sources, declared that the President had left Yaoundé discreetly in the company of his wife for the Swiss canton. Only, a few days later, the President of the Republic will return to Etoudi from his native village, Mvomeka'a. 

The ultimate death of too many 

Paul Biya was again "killed?" March 25, 2020. The controversy was launched on Twitter, share on Facebook and other platforms, as we indicated in one of our articles dealing with this information. Even if no denial has yet been made, we note that at the time when the information was relayed, the Head of State signed several decrees appointing senior officials to the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) of Buea.