Tuesday, March 10, 2020

'Cameroon is the world leader in futile intelligence' Charles Mouyeme

For almost 4 decades, futile intelligence has been discovered in Cameroon, and its production is growing exponentially. Today, President Biya's country is undoubtedly the world leader in futile intelligence. It is also the only production area in which Cameroon does not need any technical assistance or any foreign partnership to achieve impressive performances.

To achieve this result, the country's leaders proceeded methodically. They first deleted the five-year plans of the old regime, to install visual piloting in governance. Then, they neutralized moral and ethical values, so that the accumulation of material and financial goods by all means, becomes the only concern of the citizens. Then they dynamited the sense of the general interest to make way for excessive individualism. They finally installed the 4th pillar which founds futile intelligence: the stupefaction of the masses by the torpedoing of education and instruction. 

Cameroon is not only the world's number one producer of futile intelligence, but it is also the largest consumer. At least in this area, the country consumes what it produces. Pretend to work and deploy the energies to make believe that "things are moving forward"; indulge in corruption and prevarication and harness brains to dissect "the exogenous crises" that would plague the national economy; to do nothing relevant to stop a dirty fratricidal war, and to mobilize important means to try to give credibility to the thesis of an international plot against the country; in short, always devote human resources to attack shadows instead of prey, then to justify and defend this choice with force lies, this is the principle of futile intelligence.

The futile intelligence is the only wealth of Cameroon which is not coveted by any foreign power. On the contrary, given the enormous individual gains that the rulers of the country derive from it, these great powers encourage them to produce it on a large scale and to allocate the maximum of human resources for this purpose. Thus, these partner powers, in their great kindness, bring their assistance to the country to "get rid" of the cumbersome riches of its basement which are an unnecessary luxury for the people. 

One thing is certain: if Cameroon remains as efficient in the production of futile intelligence, it will perfect its governance of useless business, and then it will very quickly emerge. On the horizon of teething in the chicken.

Journalist: Charles MONGUE-MOUYEME