Sunday, March 29, 2020

Cameroon: by mistake, gendarmerie shoots an apprentice driver

A driver and his assistant in charge of loading the goods, called "motorboy" as is customary in the jargon specific to this sector of activity, transported in their truck, sacks of flour in the direction of Garoua Boulaï.

On leaving Awae, the two stopped after finding that the tarpaulin of the truck which covered the flour had been torn apart. This is how the "motorboys" will take their places in the back of the truck to control the goods. 

The police are mistaken 

While the victim was in the back of the vehicle, a pickup from the Mengang gendarmerie arises. Seeing the "motorboys" doing their job, they will think they are dealing with a thief. Thus, one of the elements of the brigade will draw his weapon and shoot two bullets on the young man who will die a few minutes later, relates the media consultant.

Panicked after realizing their irreparable blunder, the gendarmes will drive the truck driver to the cell and the truck to the pound. 

The "motorboys" were put in the morgue of Akonolinga pending investigations. Meanwhile, despite the wrath of the owner of the truck who arrived on the scene, the gendarmes maintain a version according to which the driver and the "motorboys" were trying to steal the goods from where their intervention, specifies David Eboutou. 

In a show of solidarity, the transporters' union is organizing to take this matter to the highest level so that justice can be done.