Thursday, March 26, 2020

Biya's health: here's what the constitution provides for in case he DlED

Crazy rumors about an alleged death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya circulated on the web Wednesday evening creating a psychosis in the opinion. And according to our colleagues from the site, citing indiscretions, the Cameroonian president is not in good health. Posted at Douala airport, a plane took him on the afternoon of March 25 for an unknown destination for medical treatment. ..Our colleagues specify that the trip of Paul Biya was done in the greatest discretion this March 25 at the international airport of Douala. It was the procession that surrounded it that revealed the identity of the host that a medical plane has been waiting for since the early morning of March 25. It comes back to us that Paul Biya is seriously ill and that he will, as usual, be taken care of abroad.

Very quickly denied by those close to the "Lion of Mvoméka", this new episode relaunches the debate on the vacancy of power in Cameroon. 

The provisions of the Cameroonian constitution which deal with this scenario are found in Article 6 paragraph 4 of the basic text. 

CamerounWeb proposes to rediscover all the provisions provided for in this text 

Art.6. - (4) In case of vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic due to death, resignation or permanent incapacity noted by the Constitutional Council, the ballot for the election of the new President of the Republic must imperatively take place twenty (20 ) Days at least and one hundred and twenty (120) days at most after the opening of the vacancy.

a) The interim of the President of the Republic is automatically exercised, until the election of the new President of the Republic, by the President of the Senate. And if the latter is, in turn prevented, by his deputy following the order of precedence of the Senate. 

b) The Acting President of the Republic - the President of the Senate or his deputy - cannot modify either the Constitution or the composition of the Government. He cannot use the referendum. He cannot be a candidate in the election organized for the Presidency of the Republic. 

c) However, in case of necessity linked to the organization of the presidential election the Acting President of the Republic may, after consulting the Constitutional Council, modify the composition of the Government.