Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Bamenda terrorist attack: France reacts

France is against the terrorist attack that occurred in Bamenda in the capital of the North-West region, Sunday March 08, 2020, while Cameroon and the world celebrated International Women's Day (Jif ). On his Twitter account HE Christophe Guilhou Ambassador of France to Cameroon, left a message in which, he finds unacceptable, the attack which left dead and wounded, in the city of Bamenda. “The attack which took place yesterday in Bamenda, during the parade for the International Women's Day, is as criminal as it is inadmissible. Using explosive devices to maim or kill is intolerable. Thoughts for the victims, "tweeted the French Diplomat.

With this tweet from its diplomat, France is therefore among the first partners in Cameroon to have condemned the public attack on Bamenda. And this exit of the French Ambassador fits in a direction with that of the government. The latter published a press release, in which it is indicated that the government firmly condemns the attack which, according to RenĂ© Emmanuel Sadi the Minister of Communication caused the death of eight individuals and left seven seriously injured. Among those injured were four soldiers, two police officers and a civilian. 

"The government firmly condemns these despicable acts, perpetrated by criminals whose sole objective is to sow chaos to serve selfish interests, and conveys to the families of the military and civilian victims the sincere condolences of the President of the Republic, head of the forces armed forces, as well as the comfort of the Cameroonian people as a whole to the wounded, "read the Sadi press release.

According to the latest news, the Security and Defense Forces have managed to catch 5 people suspected of being the perpetrators of the Bamenda attack. And according to Adolphe Lele Lafrique the Governor of the North West region, these people are currently in exploitation.