Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bamenda: Protesters demanding the release of Sisuku Ayuk Tabe exchanges gun shots with the security forces

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Multiple shots animated a good half of the night from March 9 to 10, 2020.

The chief town of the North-West Region looked more than dead yesterday, Tuesday March 10, 2020. The people stayed at home, despite the break of day. A very eventful night, the results of which have been slow to be revealed, both by government forces and by the attackers, who have fought a tough night battle. 

Shortly after nightfall, our sources report, detonations were heard in various places in Bamenda, including in Old Town and Up Station, two districts previously untouched by the incursions of the secessionists. 

Witnesses say they heard hordes of nocturnal protesters demanding the release of Sisuku Ayuk Tabe, the last secessionist leader convicted by the YaoundĂ© military court. 

For more than six hours that the movement lasted, it was an opportunity for Cameroonians in almost all of them to experience, through social networks, the chain of bad events. At around 8 p.m., leaks, certainly orchestrated by the families of some elements of the security forces engaged on the ground, revealed that several police units in the city had been attacked by armed men.

Among others, the Regional Judicial Police Division, the number 3 central police station and the command post of the Special Rapid Response Teams (Esir). In one of these messages, a head of unit even said, certainly to his hierarchy, that his response mechanism was ready. The civilian populations were invited to take shelter. 

We are still waiting for the government press release. Intervening in the aftermath of the explosion of a bomb on the Place des FĂȘtes in Bamenda and the attack on the gendarmerie brigade and the Galim public security commissariat in the West, the succession of attacks reveals that the separatists have decided to double activity on the ground. In three days, they multiplied attacks, causing deaths. 

The Minister of Communication recognized eight in the attack on Galim and one during the celebration of International Women's Day. Several suspects in connection with the attacks in Bamenda have been arrested.