Friday, March 20, 2020

Bafoussamgate: Interesting revelations about the lies of the Prefect of MiFi against Foka and Eto'o

The Spokesperson of Rebâtir Ngouache was the guest of ABK Radio within the framework of the morning ABK Morning of Thursday March 19, 2020. The artist-musician returned to the case of the reconstruction of Ngouache launched by the famous journalist Alain Foka.

A few days ago, the former Cameroonian international, Samuel Eto'o, and the journalist of RFI, Alain Foka, severely criticized the mayor of the commune of Bafoussam 3rd, Daniel Defonkou, after the latter decided to suspend the construction of houses for the victims of the Gouache disaster in Bafoussam. 

Alain Foka and Samuel Eto'o accused of swindle 

The prefect of the Mifi department in the West region, Chaïbou, during a work session relating to the resettlement of the Gouache deportees on March 12, 2020, respond to the denunciations made by Alain Foka and Samuel Eto'o concerning the stopping of their project by the municipal magistrate of Bafoussam 3. 

According to him, and as Le Messager edition of Friday March 13, 2020 indicated, the project promoted by Alain Foka and Samuel Eto'o "is a huge international scam that they have organized". "If Alain Foka wants to help people he does so in due form," says the prefect of MiFi.

The spokesman of the project to rebuild Ngouache, made the revelation according to which Alain Foka and Samuel Eto'o were accused of swindle however they are the most financial providers in this affair. He also invited the Prefect of MiFi and the Mayor of Bafoussam 3 to return to better feelings. "... We accused Alain FOKA and Samuel Eto'o of wanting to swindle people for a project in which they are the most important providers of funds ... The children and men of Ngouache have the right to dignity. And this dignity begins with a roof. Monsieur le Préfet, Monsieur le Maire, come back to better feelings and let the work continue. If you don't leave, we will take the necessary measures, ”said the songwriter. 

The hand extended to the State 

The President of the Cameroon Music Corporation (CMC) invites the State to take over from the project launched by Alain Foka. “Why can't the state take over to continue the work that Alain FOKA started with Rebuilding Ngouache ??? "... '' Each of us has the right to a roof, even if it is 60 m²," suggests Sam Mbende on ABK Radio. 

"When we are faced with a tragedy like that of NGOUACHE, politicians must have links with humanity, with humanism ”, he continues.