Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Attempted assassination: Kamto abandons his claws at the Gendarmerie de Garoua

The Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, refutes all the charges brought against its militants in relation to the assault of a "gendarme" in Garoua on March 13, 2020. The convocation sent within the party of Maurice Kamto was disputed with the last energy.

The party of political leader Maurice Kamto, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) is ready for the defense of its militants summoned to the gendarmerie of Garoua, in the North region, informed the 3rd president of the party, Emmanuel Simh. For the militants of the party, it is not necessary to point to the gendarmerie of Garoua, in fact, they underlined the inadvertence convocation of this gendarmerie. 
Expected March 17, 2020 at the gendarmerie legion of Garoua, Alain Fogue and many other supporters of the Mrc did not want to join the North region. For good reason, "You cannot issue summons at the end of the day and ask people who are Yaoundé to appear the next morning to be heard in Garoua," said Me Emmanuel Simh. 

Far from stopping there, in his grievances, the Mrc rejects the alleged acts of aggression against his militants for having neutralized a gendarme who allegedly tried to assassinate Maurice Kamto. Much more, "We cannot blame the security of President Maurice Kamto who discovered an individual in civilian clothes carrying a weapon and neutralized him," said the party's communication cell. The 2nd party in the presidential elections, insisted on the fact that it is preponderant to act as they did it, because "it is completely normal to act as we did it is that is to say neutralize the individuals, identify them and then take them to the authorities. We did it and nothing else, ”she added later. What “policeman” are we talking about?

"We are told that we attacked law enforcement officers who nevertheless wore no paper, let alone his uniform, no document, no professional card. Even when he was arrested, he could not provide a document showing that he is indeed a gendarme, so what are we asked for? We would like that on its simple declaration we can believe like dupes? No, there are people in the courts who wear police and gendarme uniforms every day when they are neither a police officer nor a gendarme, ”Emmanuel Simh told cameroonvoice.

The real facts? 

On March 13, 2020, the procession of Paul Biya's main opponent was blocked in the context of an incident relating to his safety. It was then, two "gendarmes" in civilian clothes who were taken in the race by the crowd, accused of having after the life of the rival of the President of the Republic of Cameroon. One of the two executioners was able to flee, the other was taken to the governor's house to be heard. In possession of a firearm, he was accused of insidiously attempting to open the door of the car in which Mr. Kamto was located. “It is the legion of gendarmerie itself which is responsible for summoning our militants. Will they be impartial? If we ask to take the matter elsewhere, isn't it normal? It is difficult to try a case involving your own child, ”said Mr. E. Simh.

We also learn that Maurice Kamto decided to file a complaint for "attempted assassination". The complaint is directed at Constable Jean Fils Ngwe. "Following the assassination attempt against him during his visit to Garoua, on Friday March 13, 2020, President Maurice Kamto filed a complaint upon his return to Yaoundé" wrote Sosthène Médard Lipoth, National Secretary for Communication of the MRC on his Facebook account.