Friday, March 20, 2020

Assassination attempt: 'this is what will kiII Maurice Kamto'

In an exclusive interview with the international press on March 16, 2020 in Yaoundé, the Executive Chairman of the Asus-Reluc Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Nga Stéphane Geordane II (Photo), touched on several subjects, including aggression of a young non-commissioned officer on duty at the 3rd Gendarmerie Region in Garoua in the North by activists and sympathizers of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), a political party of Professor Maurice Kamto.

Incident that occurred in Garoua in northern Cameroon on March 13, 2020. He challenged Professor Maurice Kamto through edifying declarations. 

He doesn't have his tongue in his pocket. And obviously he speaks with ease about the things he masters. As the incident occurred on March 13, 2020 at the entrance of the city of Garoua where a gendarme on mission was brutalized and disarmed by the men of Professor Maurice Kamto. Who accuse him of "attempted assassination" of the president of the Mrc. Nga Stéphane Geordane II, Executive Chairman of Asus-Reluc, an accredited NGO of the United Nations, has stepped up to denounce this real false "assassination attempt". 

He gives his reasons: “Professor Maurice Kamto is playing a match he cannot win. You don't assault a man in uniform. In all the countries of the world, the politicians are followed especially, when they are suspected of belonging to a group accused of violence, I do not even mean terrorism. We cannot assault a man in uniform who is armed under the pretext that we say he wanted to kill someone "explains Nga Stéphane Geordane II before adding, with a smile, that If" we want to kill the Professor Maurice Kamto, is it going to the north to kill him? You yourselves tell me. The President (Paul Biya editor's note) never killed an opponent here. I never understood that he ordered the assassination of X or Y. I therefore register as false. Mr. Alain Fogue, it was he who disarmed this man in uniform. Should Alain Fogue disarm a man in uniform? he is not a man in uniform himself, nor is he a magistrate, or a military chief”.

According to this leader of the Cameroonian Civil Society, in all political and associative movements, "there are always law enforcement officers who are there to protect events, to see if there are slippages. A movement like that with a lot of people, it does not want to see the police to cover its event? All over the world it's happening. Even when the President of the Republic passes, there are not the men in uniform everywhere? Doesn't he say he is an "elected president"? And why an "elected president" should not be protected? (laughs). If something happens to him, he will say that the government did not protect him ”. Nga Stéphane Geordane II who recognizes the value of Professor Maurice Kamto invites the leader of the MRC to "behave like a lawyer". 

As a reminder, the NGO ASUS-RELUC is a Special Republican Unit for the fight against corruption, the misappropriation of the last public and the destabilization of States, inertia, assistance for vulnerable people and human rights. Since 2018, it has had a special consultative status with ECOSOC (United Nations).