Saturday, March 14, 2020

Assassination Attempt on Kamto: CODE warns the Biya regime

The very virulent CODE group which has outstripped the BAS in the hunt against Paul Biya and his relatives in the diaspora firmly condemns this assassination attempt against Maurice Kamto. The CODE, Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians of the Diaspora who led hard life in Biya in the diaspora, renews its commitment to Maurice Kamto in these terms: "The CODE is already ready and awaits only instructions from the Professor MAURICE KAMTO, the elect of the people and therefore, the elect of God ".

CODE statement 

At the time when our country Cameroon is going through one of the darkest periods in its history, with the added bonus of the English-speaking crisis which mourns its thousands of families on a daily basis, certain activists claiming to be from the revolutionary and fighting diaspora, excellent more and more in the settling of scores and homeless incriminations. 

This is how the canvas is constantly inflamed by the positions of some well-known agitators, rather of bad quality. 

These lawless men and women, for reasons that reason itself ignores, accuse certain emblematic figures of the revolution of being at the heart of the dramas that occurred in Bamenda in the North West region and in Ngalim, in the Bamboutos department, in the West of our country in full descent into hell, respectively. 

Gathered urgently in Brussels in Belgium, Friday March 13, 2020, we, founding members of the CODE (Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians in the Diaspora), strongly and firmly condemn these distractions from these troublemakers whose objective unacknowledged is to serve the dictatorial regime embodied by Paul Biya, who has become the number 1 public enemy of his country.

That Commander Calibri CALIBRO, founder of the BAS and spokesperson for the revolution, Sandy from Boston and Brice Nitcheu, founding member of the CODE, dissociate themselves from this approach which aims only to weaken the Cameroonian revolution in the diaspora and takes witness national and international public opinion. 

It should nevertheless be recalled that the CODE has always been favorable to the popular and non-violent insurrection, today wonderfully embodied by Professor MAURICE KAMTO, the elected president of Cameroon, apart from all electoral fraud. 

At the time when this conviction comes into play, we learn of the temptation to assassination which Professor MAURICE KAMTO was subjected to today. 

The CODE protests against this ignoble, shameful and unhealthy act which dishonors all the impostors who brace themselves for power in our country. 

The founding members of the CODE warn these people whose purpose is only to eliminate Professor MAURICE KAMTO, hope of the Cameroonian Renaissance.

Finally, the CODE remains in line with the political philosophy of Professor MAURICE KAMTO who, during his recent stay in Douala, economic capital of Cameroon, invited his people to be ready. 

The CODE is already ready and awaits only the instructions of Professor MAURICE KAMTO, the chosen one of the people and therefore, the chosen one of God. 

Long live the Republic 

Long live the elected president, Professor MAURICE KAMTO 

Long live Cameroon

Done in Brussels on March 13, 2020 


- √Člie Kadji (president of the CODE) 

- Marcel Tchangue (founding member of the CODE) 

- Hugues Seumo (founding member of the CODE)

- Annie Tchoko (spokesperson for the Amazons of the resistance in Belgium)