Monday, March 9, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: this is what a renowned lawyer asks his pairs to tell the separatists

   Lawyers must tell separatists that secession is impossible in the world..

Lawyer Sichui John Kameni, specialist in alternative conflict resolution and international criminal justice at Portio Jure in Buea, called on his lawyer colleagues to play their role in educating the masses about the evils of the ongoing American Civil War in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

Speaking on social media platforms Friday, March 6, 2020, the member of the Cameroonian bar said that the proliferation of small arms in the hands of children and untrained adults will only kill the economy and social ties. 

The so-called "Grand Master, Bridge Builder and Koumfor" wrote: "The cheapest thing to do to destroy a community is to proliferate small arms in the hands of untrained children or minors and These weapons not only make it easier to take and mutilate lives, but they also kill our economy and the social bonds on which all kinds of collective institutions and progress are built.

"It should be noted, dear colleagues, and we have a duty to educate our people, that the delivery of such small, unprofessional, cheap and lethal weapons to our children is responsible for the denial of their education, of their facilities This situation has also resulted in a spiral of crime, with the illegal looting of resources such as timber, oil and cocoa being seized by terrorists from legitimate farmers and sold to Nigeria, it has reduced drastically trade and investment, it has escalated violence against women and girls, it has increased gang violence, rape, kidnapping and the breakdown of the rule of law; being facilitated by widespread access to these weapons.

"These Danish weapons are the weapons of easy death for civilians: the most portable, most easily accessible, most casual instruments of death - even a small child can, with its tiny muscles, defeat a life. What a legacy we let our children.

"The worst human cruelties in the North West and South West are all helped by the availability of these cheap weapons which people sponsor and put in the hands of vulnerable untrained young people. They claim, and sometimes even do not do not understand, that the profiteers of weapons are accomplices of war crimes. They deceive our children so that they commit these heinous crimes (for which they will be held responsible) while they are seated in the comfort of their cabins of the diaspora with their children and that they make fun of ours.

"As lawyers, we need to make it clear to our young people that the widespread availability of these small, inexpensive death-trap weapons is the main factor in over 250 conflicts around the world, the main victims being the civilian population and children. instrumentalized. 

"Let us be the voice of the society in which we want our children to live. War or armed conflict has never guaranteed a better future for a people or a country. Let us educate our children. It is the role of a lawyer. To incite or instrumentalize our children in the grave on an issue for which we cannot bear arms ourselves or for which we cannot die is very dishonest. Lawyers tell the truth!

"Let our children live, let them go to school and let our economy revive. Tell them that Secession is impossible in today's world that is becoming a global village. We have all heard the ambassador Tibor Peter Nagy Jr, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, say that the world is not ready for the creation of tiny tiny poor nations. Stop the dead now! We are the voices of the voice. Let us encourage Cameroonians to communicate. We must dialogue. "