Sunday, March 8, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: New massacre of civilians reported in Wum Menchum

The crime occurred at the WEH village in Wum Menchum at the end of this Saturday morning.

According to our information, 4 people including 3 men and 1 woman were summarily killed in this small peasant village by individuals suspected of being members of the Cameroonian army. 

The first testimonies collected on the spot indicate that the victims "were forced out of their house by soldiers at WUM accusing them of being the parents of secessionist fighters from the Amazon before being executed without any form of trial".

For the time being, on the side of the secessionists as well as that of the army, no official reaction has been made to this new tragedy. 

It should be recalled that since February 14, 2020, the date of the massacre of civilians in the village of Ngarbuh (North-West), there has been a war of communique between the authorities of Yaoundé and human rights organizations. The latter accuse the army of massacring civilian populations in the security crisis which has shaken the two English-speaking regions of the country since 2017.

A traditional ally of Cameroon, France asked Paul Biya to find the perpetrators of this massacre. 

“We also discussed the situation in the North West and the South West; in this regard, we mentioned the tragedy of Ngarbuh and in particular the identification of responsibilities, understanding what happened, "said Christophe Guilhou, Ambassador of France to Cameroon. 

Paul Biya, however, ordered an investigation last week, the report of which should reach him in the coming days.