Saturday, March 21, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: the Mysterious disappearance of Hon. Mbah Ndam as gun men attacked his convoy on Saturday

The convoy carrying the honorable Mbah Ndam of the SDF was attacked this Saturday morning by secessionist fighters from the Amazon in the prefecture of Momo, chief town of Mbengwi located in the North-West region.

According to information from local sources, 4 members of the convoy were seriously injured. The same sources claim that the honorable member himself mysteriously disappeared during the attack. 

The secessionists are said to have carried out the attack on the convoy with heavy weapons. 

It should be recalled that the house of MP Mbah Ndam was burned down by unidentified armed men at the end of last year. The perpetrators of this fire are suspected of being secessionist fighters from Ambazonia.