Thursday, March 5, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Leave Tibor Nagy Alone.... By Abdulkarim Ali

Dear Southern Cameroonians,
I see the emotions and misguided desperation at Tibor Nagy's opinion about the statehood of Southern Cameroons. Please, my people, consider the difference between an opinion and a fact. On the one hand, the fact is that it is our territory supported by international law and cemented by UN resolutions. On the other hand, his opinion is that he wishes for a United Cameroon. The mere fact that he wishes for unity defeats the premise of your emotions. Remember you can't unite one thing. By definition, unity implies merging more than one thing together as one. You can't have a multiplicity of instantiation unless there is a given genius.
The bottom line Mr. Nagy will even explain to you that it's however up to you - if you asked him. He is well aware of your fundamental right to self-determination. He knows about your history, legality, and legitimacy better than you may assume.

Please don't be angry at him, don't insult him and don't smear him. He is with you in essence and truth. I can prove that he is with you but ultimately is about what you want...

Focus on the prize intellectually and piously. 

Talk to yourselves more. Don't talk about yourself/yourselves. Mr. Nagy knows that his country is an epitome of immigration and revolution. He knows that liberalism is the premise of his society. He also recognizes that human rights which is what he advocates as a diplomat is an offshoot of liberalism. 
No diplomat will openly use the clear and concise language you will cherish and prefer to hear. But rest assured they sponsor the right to self-determination.

Don't be scared to go to jail, don't be scared of the police or army, don't fear death. The right to self-determination is your right and Southern Cameroons is not part of LRC's territory.

Relax and fly the plane.
Don't blink nor waver.

God bless Southern Cameroons.

Abdulkarim Ali.