Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: in Russian media, Grégoire Owona threatens the separatists and the opposition

The deputy secretary general of the ruling party, CPDM, and Minister of Labor and Social Security, Grégoire Owona confided in Sputnik for a long time. The situation in NoSo was one of the hot spots in Cameroonian news discussed with the media.

Cameroon is the scene of multiform crises, the most deadly of which is the war between the army and the separatists in the English-speaking regions. While all the solutions explored so far for a return to peace have proven ineffective, Grégoire Owona makes a diagnosis of the situation. 

Measures taken hostage by malicious and dangerous people

According to him, obstacles are disrupting the work put in place by the Cameroonian authorities, which is the cause of the persistence of the crisis. “Several major measures were taken by the Head of State, measures responding to the legitimate concerns of socio-professional organizations which were expressed at the start of the crisis. It just turns out that the demands of our compatriots in these regions have been recovered and even taken hostage by malicious and dangerous people, motivated by selfish interests that sow chaos and desolation, "summarizes Minister Owona. 

One of the measures proposed by the government to take a step towards ending the crisis remains the Grand National Dialogue. But it persists. “The great national dialogue was requested by all the components of the Nation and they participated in it through their representatives. Obviously, the Head of State wishes that the end of the crisis be achieved in peace, his call to laying down arms is constant, but there is no doubt that at some point, the State will use its legitimate force to enforce the law, to completely secure these regions and therefore to allow the effective and total implementation of the resolutions of the great national dialogue ”, analyzed the assistant general secretary of the CPDM.