Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: 'I prefer the end of the war to an investigation into army crimes'

My choice is clear: I prefer the end of the war to an investigation of army crimes.

The Yaoundé regime has bet on the genocide of Anglophones as a way to stay in power in Cameroon. And he didn’t go with dead hands. The massacres are colossal and the regime, in a well-established tradition, has no intention of letting Cameroonians and the international community assess the damage. This is why the regime could not voluntarily stop the war or allow any independent person to go to the NOSO. All those who tried to assess the situation died there, without exception. 

So when this international community and the Yaoundé regime seize the opportunity of the Ngarbuh massacre to engage in a ping-pong match between 5 dead and 32 dead, we sincerely wonder what it means? So what about all the other crimes since 1982? 

According to the latest news, this international community would not speak of an end to the genocide but rather demand an independent investigation led by the Yaoundé regime, under the very high instruction of a deaf-mute head of state, invisible and untraceable. A situation which makes us believe that the Yaoundé regime would apply a SECRET "Investigation - Crime" program with reference to the OFFICIAL "Oil for Food" program that the UN had established in Iraq, from 1996 to 2003. Let us compare: 

Saddam Hussein's Iraq 1996-2003: Official Oil-Counter-Food Program. 

This program was aimed at meeting the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people after the first Gulf War. It is put in place to reduce the prolonged suffering of the Iraqi people due to the economic sanctions put in place by the UN. 

This program, which has brewed nearly $ 100 billion, was designed to allow Iraq to sell its oil and buy food, medicine and many services in return, under the supervision of the UN. 

But, the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, in collaboration with multinationals, had set up an important network of corruption to divert the whole (or a large part) of the funds to continue to lead a life of palace. 

The turkeys of this farce were obviously the Iraqi people who had drooled hard. Saddam Hussein will be overthrown a few months later.

Cameroon by Paul Biya 1982-2020: Unofficial Survey-Counter-Massacre Program. 

The specificity of the unofficial "False Investigations against Real Massacres" program lies in the fact that in Cameroon, this program covers all forms of crime. Indeed, this program aims at first to cover all the multiple crimes that the Biya regime has committed against the Cameroonian populations, and the suffering it has inflicted on them since time. And secondly, it allows the international community to justify its silence. 

This program, which brews almost every year the budget of Cameroon (on average 3000 billion FCFA) since the arrival of Paul Biya in power, was designed to allow the regime of Yaoundé to devote the budget of the State of Cameroon to the corruption of national and international investigations in order to cover the crimes of the regime, in exchange for his stay in power and the silence of the international community. 

But, the Cameroonian government of Paul Biya, in collaboration with multinationals has set up a large network of corruption to divert all (or a large part) of the nation's budget for this corruption and to buy weapons in order to continue to taunt the Cameroonians. The result is staggering: The country has declined on all fronts since 1982. 

The turkeys of this farce are obviously Cameroonians who painfully endure their suffering and their frustrations. Today, in Cameroon, citizens have all integrated the fact that they can be murdered by the regime. Their only dream or privilege is to know that there will be an investigation when they are killed by the regime, even if there will be no report of this investigation since it is a false investigation. So they demand the departure of Paul Biya. 

This is the famous program that has allowed Paul Biya for almost 38 years to manhandle Cameroonians in inexplicable misery tinged with humiliation on a national and international scale. The international community will find it hard to say that it ignores this program because since Paul Biya came to power in 1982, life in Cameroon has been punctuated by an almost daily rate of crime. Cameroonians can no longer bear it and do not know where to put their heads. Cameroon has become a catalog of crimes of all kinds that hit the headlines every day at all levels: 

Political crime, with for example a government that does not hold the advice of a minister. We don't want to count the dead in the program. 

Financial crime: it is the norm in this country where the state does not pay its debts, nor its condemnations and almost does not respect the terms of the contracts which bind it to the companies and organizations. The Cameroonian state is singled out in all the organizations in the world.

Moral crime. Pedophilia and sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual harassment are the main activities of senior state officials who do not have a road map or who ignore it. 

Ritual and exoteric crimes: Cameroonians, confused, got used to the macabre clichés of these crimes. 

Pyromania is one of the arms of the regime to hide the various crimes or punish any Cameroonian or group of Cameroonians who do not agree with the crimes of the junta. The fires of ministries and headquarters, markets or entire neighborhoods are the hallmarks of the party of flames that consumes Cameroon. The calcination of Ngarbuh babies is an indisputable signature. 


Denominational crimes: The Cameroon of renewal, that is to say since 1982, holds the world record for the number of religious assassinated in unsustainable conditions, and that all confessions combined. And Paul Biya is regularly received by the Pope. 

Organ trafficking: unexplained and never elucidated disappearances of children and adolescents are very common in Cameroon on an almost daily basis. Human bone trafficking supports this abundance of skeletons of Cameroonians sometimes abandoned in the bushes. Drug trafficking is one of the regime's favorite activities because it allows it to neutralize youth. This activity has decreased in intensity since Cameroon no longer has a presidential plane, the best means of transporting drugs that the junta in power used. Theft is institutionalized in Cameroon. The state can rob you of your business, your car, your house, your life, and most of all, the election theft. 

The scam is the economic model of Cameroon. Cameroon is the only country where peasants are treated like slaves on the lands of their ancestors. Citizens are forced to pay for water and electricity while they receive neither water nor electricity. Worse, suppliers are having fun ransacking sanitary and electrical installations with poor service. 

Social crime exceeds all understanding in Cameroon, domestic violence, harassment, treatment at school and health are derisory.

The transgenerational crime is documented by the state's right to kill the dreams of young Cameroonians. 

Homicides form the backbone of the system of government and are the only form of dialogue. The regime's thurifaires can send you to dying prisons at the slightest remark or murder you without half measures. The new fashion that the regime's barons boast in Cameroon is to have several Cameroonians in prison. 

Road, rail, medical, and work accidents are all crimes that regularly hit the headlines in Cameroon, with investigations that never succeed, leaving victims dragging their multifaceted traumas like cannonballs. 

Material crimes or deception on the goods, all products in Cameroon are almost all false, adulterated or have defects or are sold for what they are not. All units of length, weight and volume are traded by traders. 

Etc ... 

Drug trafficking is one of the regime's favorite activities because it allows it to neutralize youth. This activity has decreased in intensity since Cameroon no longer has a presidential plane, the best means of transporting drugs that the junta in power used. 

Since 1982, therefore, thanks to this false investigation against real crimes program, the Yaoundé regime has succeeded in keeping an educated and working people in absolute humiliation thanks to a set of almost institutionalized crimes. This cocktail of crimes is skilfully strewn with sequences of massacres as in 1984, 1991, 2008 and from 2016 until today in the NO / SO. And each time the Cameroonians and the international community demand a regime investigation. We have seen and heard some green and not mature ones: independent surveys, deep surveys, identification surveys, concentration surveys, and so on. 

And each time, I say, each time, Cameroonians do not see the color of the results of the survey. I challenge anyone who is able to present us with a single investigation report that the Yaoundé regime has already made available to Cameroonians since 1982. As a reminder, what determines the resolution of an investigation is identification and the arrest of the perpetrator or perpetrators. However, in Cameroon, those responsible for the crimes are regularly promoted.

Paul Biya, the master of chaos and antiphrasis 

If this program has allowed the Yaoundé regime to freeze Cameroon in its tracks and guarantee its regression, the turn that takes its application in the NO-SO is very worrying. Indeed, the end of the war in this region will reveal a situation that will shock all Cameroonians. Even Anglophones who live this genocide in their flesh are very far from the count because many of them think that their lost brothers or sisters are either internally displaced, in exile or in the forests, while in reality , they are already dead. 

By analyzing in its entirety the consequences of this war in the NO-SO, one can reasonably suspect that the program has taken a sinister turn with three grim objectives: firstly the assassination of Cameroonians, secondly emptying the region of its inhabitants and thirdly the secession. The outgoing president of the Republic of Cameroon continues to shout on all the rooftops that "Cameroon is UN and INDIVISIBLE" while on the ground and every day, he acts of irreversible division of Cameroon.  Someone had said that "Paul Biya was the master of chaos" but he forgot to add that he is "the master of antiphrasis". Since coming to power in 1982, he has achieved the opposite of everything he has verbally promised the Cameroonian. You can verify this by comparing democracy against the current dictatorship, prosperity against current misery or peace against current war. In other words, if we let Paul Biya, the master of antiphrase, Cameroon is already divided. 

In conclusion, we have here the demonstration that a program "false investigations against crimes" has been in operation in Cameroon since 1982 and these crimes are counted in spades, and that every day. If the goal of this program seems obvious to the regime of Yaoundé, namely to keep the junta in power, it is more mixed for the international community. We can understand that the assassination of Cameroonians seems to provide a response to the performance of the womb of the African woman who worries this international community. We can also understand that the secession of Cameroon satisfies the Balkanization of the continent which is also one of the objectives of the international community. 

The solution, which cannot therefore come from Paul Biya who is the executor of the program, belongs to the Cameroonian. If the Cameroonians do not take matters into their own hands immediately, then they will combine the three objectives of this program, this means that they will have Secession accompanied by the death of thousands of Cameroonians and finally they will make available to the international community of vast rich and fertile lands of NOSO, emptied of its testamentary owners. It is perhaps this ultimate goal which explains the general hypocrisy which surrounds the massacre of Cameroonians since 2016. 

I invite the Cameroonians to demand the end of the genocide against an investigation into the crimes of the army.

Journalist: Douala Ngando