Saturday, March 14, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Cameroonians forced to support army against Cameroonians

As if that were not enough, the Biya regime now wants Cameroonians to support the army in a war against its own people in the English-speaking regions. They even dare to go and say that those who are against this war are antipatriots and call them accomplices of terrorists. This is the legacy that Paul Biya wants to leave when he illegally clings to power. Only illegitimate presidents can see their country divide in this way. We do not support armed groups in the English-speaking region, we are not for the secession of our country.

If there is an armed group in the English-speaking regions today, it is because of the government's incompetence and arrogance. 

Anglophone started simply because this government refused to listen to its citizens. English-speaking lawyers have simply written to a minister asking for the translation of the OHADA laws into English, as provided for in the constitution of this country which wants all official documents to be bilingual. The Minister of Justice, who is scandalously still in this position, refused to grant them a hearing and they had to go and have their voices heard on the streets where they were beaten. 

This is how the English-speaking crisis started when lawyers and teachers gained the sympathy of the people because they fought for their interests. The government certainly did not like this situation. The government subsequently failed to find a way out with these unions and, given its constant arrogance and incompetence, it imprisoned them and called them terrorists. It didn't stop there, they went so far as to cut the Internet in English-speaking regions for more than 3 months. How are you going to treat your citizens this way and do you think they will not react? 

Today, the Biya regime wants Cameroonians to support the army by killing their own brothers and sisters. They even have the audacity to tell other Cameroonians that those who do not support the government are not patriots. Cameroonians are no longer fools. They even went so far as to accuse the media, which are objective in processing information, of being agents who want to destabilize Cameroon.

So where are we really going with this government? This war is not a conventional conflict. The army is waging a war for which it was not trained. This useless war will only see the death of our military forces and innocent civilians. It is high time that Cameroonians act and demand a government that listens and is responsible to its people. We must walk to say no to this war and yes to dialogue. 

I would like to finish by adding my unwavering support to Equinoxe TV and other press organizations like Le Jour, STV who face threats from the Biya regime because they do a great job and have remained resolutely committed to to be the voice of the people. Anyway, I am not surprised by the reaction of the government towards these media, simply because they do not like? excellence and dislike the people either. "