Sunday, March 1, 2020

Ambazonia: Doctors Without Borders Accused of Complicity with Secessionists

The Minister of Communication also spokesman for the government specifies that the non-governmental organization Médecins Sans Frontières has not informed the authorities of the presence of the injured in its reception centers.

The government's response was not only directed to the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Human Rigths Wacth. It is also for the Doctors Without Borders NGO. Because during the press briefing he gave yesterday, the Minister of Communication denounced a number of practices that this NGO does. The government spokesman said while introducing the allegations against the latter organization, that the troubled game is not only in the area of ​​security. There is also the health sector which is concerned. 

For René Emmanuel Sadi, some NGOs present in Cameroon like those raised are in cahoots with the separatists. "This collusion of certain NGOs with terrorist circles extends to the health sector, where it was noted that Médecins Sans Frontières had practically transformed certain medical reception centers into refuges for secessionist separatists, refusing to inform authorities, as required, of the presence of any gunshot wounded in their health facilities, "said the government spokesman.

Defense Forces 

Mincom seized the time of the press conference to defend the Defense and Security Forces generally pointed out by these NGOs. René Emmanuel Sadi praised their professionalism and dedication. 

“With regard to our Defense and Security Forces, which clearly constitute the main target of our nation's slayers, we must ask ourselves about the underlying reasons for their relentlessness, even though they are engaged in a mission that is both citizen and republican, of preserving territorial integrity and securing populations and their property. It is the place once again, to express to the Cameroonian Armed Forces, the appreciation and the support of the whole Cameroonian people, as well as the Very High confidence of the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, CHIEF OF THE ARMIES, for their sacrifice, their dedication and professionalism in carrying out their exhilarating mission, ”he said.