Thursday, March 5, 2020

Alert: Yaoundé regime closed the fate of journalists and whistleblowers

file photo

The hunt for journalist and whistleblower, Michel Biem Tong, by the Yaoundé regime is the final and final explanation that these people live in their own parallel universe. For a regime which claims to be the world leader in "peaceful democracy" but which in practice requires active collaboration and the total obedience of all Cameroonians without exception, this type of manhunt betrays what is in fact and in practice a totalitarian regime.

In this parallel universe, the Yaoundé regime does not understand that in the real world, it has lost all legitimacy because of its flagrant, repeated and unanimously condemned violations of human rights. Apart from his zombified and servile lackeys, no sane person will forgive the kind of atrocities this regime has inflicted on its own people. Instead, they continue in their aggressive and nihilistic approach. 

The hunt for personalities like Michel Biem Tong shows that the regime is far from atoning for its many sins. Instead, it is a diet infected with toxoplasmas and exhibiting suicidal behavior and uncontrolled impulsivity. As a result, a regime stuck in purgatory without the possibility of redemption and killing more people can no longer help him.

The Yaoundé regime's late panic reaction to the disaster in the English-speaking regions of the country is exactly the opposite of what the whole country and the international community expect from it, at a very moment when the international community is fully aware of its massacres. repeat. More killings will only overthrow this tyrannical regime. In fact, a competent response could give it a chance, but continuing to botch all chances of a peaceful resolution of the conflict will only bury this regime in the dustbin of history. 

Overall, what goes beyond all of this is the fact that Michel Biem Tong is in essence the opposite of Biya's "creatures" and their lack of personal responsibility, lack of conscience and cowardice. And you now see that the problem for most Cameroonians at the end is not so much ethnofascist totalitarianism, but the successful zombification of many of them, especially Francophones, by the Biya regime.