Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ALERT: the Chief of Staff of the Cameroonian Army tests positive to Coronavirus

Back in Cameroon a few weeks ago, the third personality of the country had refused any test at the airport of Yaoundé Nsimalen. Having seen his luxurious vehicle parked under the bridge, he rushed accompanied by two gendarmes to settle in comfortably and take the key to the fields for his palace.

Cameroonvoice learns that the latter is not the only one to have tested positive for Coronavirus, even as he refuses to admit. But, we also have the name of General Claude Meka the Chief of the Defense Staff, his wife, and as well as the wife of Alamine Ousmane Mey who are cited as having tested positive for Covid-19 at the Yaoundé central hospital. 

Cavaye Yeguié Djibril has confused home confinement with confinement to the National Assembly rushing to take power. With all his risks, he allowed himself to convene the first ordinary session of the National Assembly on behalf of this year 2020. 

The doctors at the bedside of the President of the National Assembly all go there with nose protectors. His cooks and all the rest of the staff also don't go there without protecting themselves because we know that indulging in coronavirus is a huge risk.

If this information is therefore true, our country is well on the way to being like Italy in terms of bloody record. Small demonstration so that everyone is aware! When parliament returned on March 17, he greeted 180 deputies = 180 husbands and wives = 180 drivers = 180 children = 180 housewives, what about friends, close collaborators of all his people, guests who were at investiture! 

Should we always continue to apply the law on the weak? If this information is true! We can already expect thousands of corpses that Cameroon will register. Where will the financial means, the infrastructure for all of its people who are at risk of infection come from? Otherwise, soon will be the worst.