Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ALERT: 10 new cases of Coronavirus announced in Cameroon

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Dr. Manaouda Malachie, the Minister of Public Health reported 10 new cases of covid-19 detected last night.

"This morning, I would also like to call for a sacred union around the measures to combat the coronavirus. It is together, in discipline, solidarity and with all responsibility that we will overcome. Let us stay at home, observe the barrier measures. night 10 more cases, "he wrote on his twitter account. 

This brings the number of positive cases to 66 in Cameroon. 

Yaoundé: overflowing hospitals and contamination of staff at Covid-19 

The information is alarming. According to several sources, the cases of Coronavirus declared by the Cameroonian government are far below reality. A member of the nursing staff who requested anonymity decided to lift the veil on the drama in progress in hospitals in Cameroon.

In an audio element that has gone viral on social networks, the man who indicated that the central hospital in Yaoundé is overwhelmed by cases of Coronavirus. The Minister of Health thus ordered the creation of an emergency containment zone at the CHU. 

"The figures the minister gives you have nothing to do with reality. Colleagues are infected. The central hospital is saturated. A note from the Minister requesting the development of a containment zone at the CHU, ”he deplores. The overflow of hospitals is explained by the large number of people contaminated at the cathedral hospital center. It was indeed the clinic that received the first cases of covid - 19. All the hospital staff are infected, according to the source. 

The whistleblower also makes disturbing revelations about Cameroonian public figures contaminated by the Covid-19. He confirms the case of the President of the National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie, who returned from France on an Air flight carrying several passengers contaminated with Covid-19. 

The hospital source who wants to be discreet also announces the contamination of the wife of the Minister of the economy Alamine Ousmane Mey and other personalities. He finally deplores the contamination of several of his comrades. He waits for the results of his test himself.

Source: camerounweb.com