Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Albert Dzongang against Paul Biya and his ministers again

Unhappy with the government's management of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, Albert Dzongang did not hesitate to charge the regime again.

In a new outing, he accuses the power of hiding the truth from the people. 

Below, the entirety of its release. 

"Gentlemen usurpers of power, 

I know your wish is that the corona virus will rid you of all those who annoy. Unfortunately for you it is impartial and incorruptible; does not spread to seeker head, or by presidential decree. No amendment to the Constitution will protect you from its threat to the detriment of the Cameroonian people. Invisible to the naked eye like Paul Biya in these times of crisis, it will impose a dead city without neither your riot trucks nor your militia or being able to do anything.

You may hide the truth about the gravity of the situation, it will quickly impose itself on the Cameroonian people without your agreement. By dint of believing you are untouchable and refusing to submit to the elementary rules of precaution, I fear that you may be the first victims. But in the meantime, use the last light of lucidity you have left to decongest the prisons that you have overcrowded with your political opponents and poor citizens who cannot afford to pay your justice. Release those accused who have been waiting for years for a hypothetical judgment. They are more than 80% of the prison staff, let us add to this percentage those who have served their sentence and have no money to pay the fines. 

More and more, we have with regard to the lightness and the laxity which motivates your management of this crisis, I have the impression that you really see there a possibility that the death of the Cameroonians settles your problem of bad governance. Only, as I said, this virus knows no tribe, it has no resilience before the big eyes or the presidential guard; much more it is he who this time could send you too to the village of if I knew. 

I know you are unfit for any invention or innovation; at least copy the example from other countries. "

Source: Tgv of info