Sunday, March 29, 2020

After Kamto, Paul Eric Kingué also releases a distress call

“Tonight we had in: Douala: 13 positive out of 72 Limbé: 01 positive out of 02 Buea: 00 positive out of 02 For a total of 14 positive out of 76 tested in this series. A total of 113 positive cases to date in our country. Stay with us! Vigilance !! vigilance !! Wrote the minister on his Twitter account on March 29. The situation becomes worrying day by day, after Kamto, his ally become political opponent dances.

The National President of the MPCN launches a patriotic appeal to all Cameroonians to create a common platform and stem the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon as much as possible.

In addition, he invites the political parties which he considers responsible for urgent consultation. He calls on those responsible to leave aside egos and quarrels to unite to protect the Cameroonian population from the great threat posed by the Coronavirus.