Saturday, March 28, 2020

After Biya: the debate is open

Observation is made, if President Paul Biya were to die, he would return to the president of the senate Marcel Niat Njifenji to assume the interim. The latter, 86 years old is in a month much better physical shape.

The rumor about the death of Paul Biya has spilled a lot of ink on the canvas since its broadcast on Tuesday. if some see a probable release after 37 years under the same regime, others, more skeptical about the authenticity of this news, see it as an opportunity to open a debate of funds on the interim in case Presidential vacations. 

According to the Cameroonian constitution, Marcel Niat Njifenji will have to ensure the succession of Paul Biya, president of the Republic since 1982, in the event of his resignation, death or proven incapacity. Questions arise as a result of the ability of the current President of the Senate to fulfill his mission. 

"What would be the situation in Cameroon if the president were to die since the one who is supposed to take power in the interim is himself a very sick man and we do not know where he is. We have not seen him preside over senat for almost two years ", asks Cameroonian politician Emmanuel Simh.

Marcele Niat Njifenji is the second personality of the Republic since June 12, 2013. He should organize the succession of Paul Biya in an interval of 20 to 40 days after if the supposed death were to be confirmed by the Constitutional Council. Marcel Niat Njifenji is sick. He has made two appearances since mid 2018, notably during the swearing in of Paul Biya in the aftermath of the 2018 election and this March 2020 on the occasion of the designation of the office of the Senate. He appeared thin and weak. His advanced age, 86 years old, one less than the head of state, does not help the situation. 

Marcel Niat Njifenji's armchair is put into play as part of the re-entry of the upper house in March. Doubts still remain as to the latter's candidacy for the election of the Senate office.