Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Youth Day: Paul Biya struck by nostalgia

In his speech to the Cameroonian youth on February 10, 2020, President Paul Biya recognized the nationalism of the youth of his time, which he advises the youth of today.

"You should never be ashamed to imitate the good example", it is by these words of the long-time chatterer that we can understand the analogy made by the head of the armed forces between the youth of his time and that of 'today. 

The nationalist spirit of the 60s 

Indeed, in his speech, Paul Biya looks back to the 60s, symbol i of the independence of Cameroon. Undoubtedly, it took a lot of effort and above all that everyone (the young people) shed their blood for Cameroon to obtain its freedom. 

"My dear young compatriots, Sixty years ago - I was then your age, Cameroon gained independence. The young people of the time dreamed of it and it became reality. The task was immense. We were aware of it. It took a lot of effort, but also blood and tears, to get to where we are. Generations of young people like you have dedicated their lives to it. We need not be ashamed of what they have done, ”the Father of the Nation told the youngest.

A deep gratitude 

The man of November 6, 1982 thus comes to the evidence that even if "there is still much to do", we nevertheless hold our present to the valiant and young nationalists. 

“Today, Cameroonians, the vast majority of them, can eat their fill, get treatment, go to school, college, high school, university, have the right to express themselves and vote freely. Of course, there is still much to do. We will do it together. We will build together the just and prosperous society that we wish for, ”declared the President of the Republic.

Source: Lebledparle.com