Monday, February 3, 2020

URGENT: expected on Vision 4, Eric Kingue has a serious issues. He was rushed to the hospital

It was Ernest Obama who announced today during the program Tour d'Horizon the discomfort that Paul Eric Kingue had.

Paul Eric Kingue could no longer do his big unpacking this evening. He had chosen the media based in Nsam, Yaoundé, for a shattering outing against Maurice Kamto. All indications are that the candidate for the deputation in South Mongo, former mayor of the commune of the district of Njombe-Penja, will be absent. He has just been struck by an illness, informs Ernest Obama, presenter of the special program Décryptage where Paul Eric Kingue was expected. 

Ernest Obama said yesterday that Paul Eric Kingue was on his guest on the special Decryption set for tonight. The journalist even lifted a veil on the themes that could be included on the agenda. "We will talk about the double ballot on February 9, and Paul Eric Kingue will tell us what he thinks of Maurice Kamto," said former director general Vision 4 with a cheerful expression.

At the time nailed to a hospital bed, Paul Eric Kingué had already given a taste of the revelations he intends to make on President Kamto. Now he should still hold back his rage to fight it out with Maurice Kamto. 

"Courage to Paul Eric Kingue is the third discomfort he has had since his release from prison. Hopefully it is not mystical and that it will recover, "said Obama, adding that Paul Eric Kingue is currently in hospital training in Mbanga.