Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Two alleged secessionists reportedly executed at the Babessi gendarmerie

The commander of the Babessi gendarmerie allegedly executed two civilians accused of being close to secessionist fighters in Ambazonia on February 18, 2020 in the same locality.

According to our sister Mimi Méfo who relayed the information, the two victims were arrested at their home about two weeks ago and accused of supporting the "Amba Boys". 

This new extrajudicial execution was preceded by that of a man named Ntoku Nsango, accused of supporting the secessionist cause.

The same source reports that dozens of villagers are still in detention at the gendarmerie in Babessi. Some pay up to one million CFA francs to be released on bail. 

It should be recalled that on February 14, dozens of civilians were massacred by alleged soldiers of the Cameroonian army. This accusation was denied by the first officials of 'the big mute' who speak of "manipulation". The United Nations Secretary-General, through his spokesperson, called for an investigation to determine the perpetrators of the massacre.

Source: camerounweb.com