Monday, February 10, 2020

Twin Election: 'Paul Biya's hands stained with blood'

Loss of life as a political trophy does not honor the NOUN. There are attitudes which make believe that violent extremism still structures the political praxis of each other in the Department of the Nun in general. Indeed, I deplore the brawls observed in particular at Koupa Matapit during yesterday's electoral consultations.

Obviously, the wildly political ate his children yesterday in Koupa Matapit. 

I hear brandishing as an argument in certain circles that these lives have gone away in the name of a "revolution" even for passion or political convictions. What arguments? 

Remember, the revolution, don't consecrate barbarism. What is more, a desirable revolution is not confined to a micro system. It must be seen in a broader perspective, and above all, it must benefit more than one person. 

Back to the history of revolutions! 

To refer to the revolutionary past of the West, and under a political prism more, it is clear that the struggle relative to the abandonment of the censal vote in ancient Rome will have been a revolution with a consequent added value for the whole Roman society because, it allowed and enshrined universal suffrage (right to vote recognized to any citizen having reached the electoral majority)

Obviously, the wars of 30 and 100 years, although having been motivated by inter-chapel religious struggles in the same geographical sphere, had one merit: that of having favored the emergence of a political and social conscience which was very timely between rival factions (France and Great Britain). 

Let us observe well, in the dynamics of the rebirth or the reconstruction of Europe, the centrist monarchies were the most fought political regimes in particular those of Castilles and Aragon, all things having allowed the political reconstruction of Europe by means of the advent of the modern state: the Republic (res publica or public thing) and its made goods that we all know. 

The struggle against the papacy as the most important political apparatus was a salutary revolution because, at least it allowed a rebalancing between the social strata (proletarians, bourgeois, big families, spiritual leaders…). 

Rendered in the twenty-first century, and after the great tragedies (first and second world war) experienced by humanity in the twentieth century, it seems to me and this by means of a plural textual consecration (Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10, 1948, Charter of the United Nations ...) which recognizes the sacred nature of human life that, admitting political inculture in its different facets (fanaticism, buying conscience, electoral charter ...) as any revolution is a comedy , and should I remind you, a comedy that lasts for too long can turn into a tragedy. 

Koupa Matapit what actually happened? After collecting the information and above all by comparing the sources, we had the following field information:

1-People sufficiently constituted in terms of manpower, logistics and others…, after having intimidated the citizens in situation of exercise of their civic duty in Foumban in several polling stations, to force them to elect a certain political formation, set off to go and engage in the same activity this time at Koupa Matapit. 

2-At Koupa Matapit, the voters of a polling station having to know this type of visit and requirement opposed it fiercely and violently, from where the losses in human lives which are unfortunately recorded. 

I also hear it said that the freedom to come and go is not abrogated during election time, I can understand. But, are we also free in the exercise of our freedom to come and go to want to take with us the valid votes cast by citizens in the ballot box because they did not settle one of the political parties in running in the locality? 

Who would have sent these brothers for work of this nature? To the alleged murderers why and for whom did you cruelly murder your brothers? What image for our department on the national and international levels? Let us not take out the measures likely to appease the socio-political climate for the next elections in the Noun. 

Recommendations for a peaceful political game in the Nun:

1-a political education is necessary to teach consistency and political ethics to certain populations of the Nun who are still struggling to understand the game and the stakes of politics. 

2-electoral charters should in the future be built with elegance and moderation during any election whatsoever. 

3-the frantic race for the nominations and the battles of positioning within the central or local administrative apparatus should not degrade us through hatred and the other defects likely to make us regress more on the path of our development. 

4-it is also desirable to get out of village and fraternal mental patterns which so far guide the voting of each other in the Noun. 

5-I stop there!

My deepest condolences to the families of the victims and a peaceful rest to the brothers killed.